With her sunny blonde looks and laid-back vibe, you might take her for a native Californian, but Maggie was born in Sweden and raised in the Middle East. She's still traveling the world for work and play, and since we know you do too, we asked her a few questions about how she keeps healthy and stays connected with her family while on the road.

How do you stay fit when you're traveling?

I'm a runner so I literally start every day on the road with a run. It's a really fun way to explore the city. All of our hotels have routes mapped out, which I really love. I usually don't go very far - I don't have time - so I just squeeze in three miles.

Any other stress relievers?

I religiously take a bath every night. That's how I come down at the end of the day. I don't think I ever miss one.

Is it hard to be on the road so much?

I get a kick out of traveling. I make an effort to meet with all our Kimpton InTouch champions at every property - employees who volunteer to ensure that our loyal members are being looked after in every way. They tell me stories about "Kimpton moments" our employees have created, like the time they've helped guests replace stolen clothes and valuables after having their car broken into while visiting a local attraction. Sometimes it's been as simple as a hug for a guest suffering the loss of a loved one. These kinds of things refuel me when I'm on the road and remind me that my job - being in charge of our loyalty program - is really important.

How do you stay connected to your family when you're traveling?

We Skype, or text. I wasn't there recently when my daughter lost her first tooth so my husband texted me a picture of her toothless grin. On one hand I wish I'd been there but it was fun to get that, so we try to swap a lot of photos of just everyday moments. And we're a huge, huge Facebook family. Facebook allows us to really stay connected, even on the road, because we post a lot of stuff.

Any favorite travel apps or gear?

I use Pandora and MapMyRun when running in new cities, and there are a lot of cool airport apps I find helpful. Point Inside is an app that shows every major airport, and tells you where the food and shopping options are. I am also a big Yelper. The Yelp app is awesome when you're looking for a great place to eat, a nail salon or a service in a new city.

Speaking of food, do you consider yourself a foodie?

I'm a cooking fanatic; it's a near obsession. I'm into the whole-food movement - healthy, local, sustainable, organic. I only read nonfiction, almost all are food biology books from authors like Michael Pollan. That or motivational books. My friends have to listen to a lot from me about not eating processed food.

How do you maintain a healthy diet on the road?

I don't ever eat things like burgers on the road. There's always a salad wherever you go these days; salads are my survival food. You just have to go easy on the dressing. Usually I'll just order olive oil and lemon juice on the side if they have it.

What's the best piece of advice you ever got?

There's a solution to everything so you just need to not panic and find it. I hear from people a lot, "How do you manage to stay so calm?" It can be any situation from a car accident to losing my wallet, whatever. I'm like, OK, we'll get this taken care of; everything will work itself out.

What's your favorite place on earth?

Hanalei Bay, Kauai. It's the place where I have felt the most connected with Mother Nature. It's truly the most spiritual place I've ever been.

What have you learned about the InTouch members?

That they're so passionate about our brand. Men and women alike, but I'm finding that the Kimpton brand is so well loved by women in particular. They appreciate our thoughtful room amenities like makeup mirrors and salon-quality blow dryers. And wine hour, of course. They also feel our genuine care, which is most important to me.

What have you learned about Kimpton since you've been here?

I love that I've landed in a company that is as eclectic as I feel inside, that really allows people to be unique and different. We don't all have to fit into one mold. Uniqueness and creativity are truly celebrated here, not just words in a mission statement but an actual authentic culture. I love what we're building here at Kimpton, and I think our members feel that enthusiasm in everything we do.