Hosted Evening Wine Hour
Our Hosted Evening Wine Hour
You're invited! From 5-6 p.m. every day, come unwind in the welcoming ambiance of your Kimpton hotel as select vintages are uncorked and fellow guests become new friends. It's complimentary!

Whether you've just nailed the big account or proved the guidebook wrong and showed you really can fit in the museum, cute shopping street, trendy restaurant and circus school all in one day, you get an "A" for awesome! Time for a breather.

Happily, Kimpton hotels offer our famous hosted evening Wine Hour, where you can "wine-down" from your busy day in the coziness of our living room lobbies. It's our version of the happier hour, a place to meet your fellow guests, share favorite finds in the city, and discover a marvelous new wine hand-selected by our master sommelier. One of us will always be there to host, break the ice and provide a local tip (if you still need one). It's a great time, and you're always invited every day from 5-6pm rain or shine, East or West, bear or bull market.

Vintage Kimpton: A Tradition of Wine-Tinted Hospitality
For some hotels, an experience like this might be considered a new trend, but for us, it's vintage Kimpton. We're happily carrying on a hotel tradition initiated by our founder, Bill Kimpton, who beginning back in 1981, personally hosted a Wine Hour every day to welcome guests back to his first hotel. (Bragging rights and a high-five from us if you know the name of that first hotel!)

More Than A Pour: Select Wines and Memorable Experiences
While we love entertaining you with wine pours and great conversation, we also strive to make our complimentary Wine Hour memorable by adding fun elements of surprise. Our offerings range from (spoiler alert) learning how to "grock" a work of art to Tarot card readings, to making that elusive, magnifico margarita.

Meet Emily Wines, MS
Master Sommelier and Director of Wines, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

No, really. Wines is Emily's real last name - and her true passion. She's quite nice about it all too. You've never seen someone with so much wine smarts be so charming while explaining the difference between a Rhone and a Riesling. In her job as Master Sommelier, Emily contributes an extensive knowledge and a commitment to conscientious wineries. "Wines That Care" are offered every night from 5-6 p.m. at our hosted evening wine hour. "What we're doing with the program is really just an extension of Kimpton's belief that every gesture counts," says Emily. "Whether it's the responsibly produced wines we pour or our ongoing EarthCare partnerships with prominent conservation organizations like Trust For Public Land, it all matters."

Wines That Care: A Meaningful Message in a Bottle
At Kimpton, it's not enough that something we offer be remarkable -- in our view, it should also be responsibly sourced. That's why over the years we've showcased a global selection of wines sourced from like-minded wineries. The result is a list of thoughtful picks by our Master Sommelier, Emily Wines, called "Wines That Care."
Learn more and see our selection here >

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