Hello my furry, hairy, and feathery friends (and even those in between). I'm Bosco and I love my job as Director of Pet Relations for Hotel Palomar Phoenix. Some might say that I run the place and you know what, they're right! When you stay with us, I'll be happy to share insider tips including who gives the best belly rubs, where all the treats are stashed, and which downtown restaurants will allow your mom and dad to take you along. You also find that we're very human friendly. I mean, where else can you get your own comfy bed and one for your humans too? I hope you enjoy your time at Hotel Palomar Phoenix as much as I love working here alongside our human Pet Ambassador, John Freida. If you have questions about or need anything prior to your stay, just send an e-mail. John and I will be happy to make sure that your stay is a memorable one. Until we meet. Your friend, Bosco"

Hotel: Hotel Palomar Phoenix
City: Phoenix, AZ
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 9 years
Likes: Hanging out with my human friends in the employee cafeteria, eating, treats, running around the front desk, and lots of belly rubs
Dislikes: Vacuums and balloons
Hobbies: Chasing bugs, trying to get pets from people
You'll Find Bosco: Greeting guests in the lobby, walking around the CityScape area, riding the elevators, and chilling in the living room
Favorite Food: Anything and everything, except pretzels
Favorite Charity: Animal Rescue
Contact Info: bosco@hotelpalomar.com

Pet Guest Story
Bosco describes the best thing about greeting pet guests and their human companions: "I like to take naps in our lobby and I often sprawl out like a doggy statue. When guests see me, they often look at me, do a double take and say, 'Hey, is that a dog?' I always get a kick out of that. I also love all the attention that guests give me. My trick? I stretch my paws in front of me, kick my back legs out like a frog, wiggle my nubby tail, perk my ears up, and woof. In seconds, folks are petting me - just like that. On a good day, I can even entice a few belly rubs!"

Top Tips for Pet Travelers
Bosco's tips for pets  traveling to Phoenix: "We have a lovely patio right here at our own restaurant, Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails, where you can dine with your human companions. The food is delicious, plus you've gotta love the name! I also like to hang out at Arrogant Butcher, a fun and lively Downtown restaurant and bar. If you love grass (duh), head to Civic Space Park, a paradise with plenty of lawn space to run free. You can also cruise CityScape, the retail and shopping development where we're located, for exciting finds. It's also nice just to chill at Palomar Phoenix where people are thrilled to make furry friends."

Kimpton's Pet-Friendly Program

Our pet program is legendary. We offer a warm welcome to any size, weight, or breed of pet at no extra charge at every single Kimpton Hotel. We love and respect our furry guests as much as our human ones and here's how we show it:

  • Pets are welcomed by name
  • Plush pet beds in your guest room
  • Food and water bowls and mats, plus bottled water
  • Concierge list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers, and pet boutiques
  • Door hangers alert other guests and staff that your pet is in the room
  • Courtesy bags for walking your dog
  • Nightly complimentary wine reception—pets are welcome to join the party!
  • If we know your pet is coming, our Director of Pet Relations can send an email

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