"When you accompany your people to the Hotel Monaco Portland, it isn't just me who will be taking care of you. But it is my reputation that's riding on your good time. I'm Timmy, the Monaco's Director of Pet Relations. I make sure the staff and management are in a good mood, receptive to the needs of four-footed guests and their families. Send me an email before your next stay, and I'll make sure everything is cozy and everybody is well-behaved."

Hotel: Hotel Monaco Portland
City: Portland
Breed: Yellow Lab
Age: 7 years
Likes: Outdoor activities including hiking and guiding visitors through the City of Portland
Dislikes: Being away from Mommy and Daddy
Hobbies: Greeting VIPs (Very Important Pets) at Hotel Monaco Portland
You'll Find Timmy Working at the concierge desk giving visitors tips on great pet friendly locations in Portland
Favorite Food: A Nylabone
Favorite Charity: Guide Dogs for the Blind & Oregon Humane Society
Contact Info: timmy@monaco-portland.com

Timmy's Top Ten Tips for Pet Travel
  • 1. Pet ID Collars: list your final destination info
  • 2. Get Real: be honest about your pet's ability to travel and open to a kennel if health is a concern
  • 3. Trim Nails: avoid damage to surroundings and people
  • 4. Flee Not Flea: give 'em a bathy-poo before the trip to avoid infesting new spaces
  • 5. On A Leash: obey all leash laws and always clean up after your pet
  • 6. Smell of Home: keep your pet's stress at bay with familiar scented items from home
  • 7. On the Road: plan a quick trip to acclimate your pet and consider a seatbelt or crate
  • 8. First Aid: pack a pet first-aid kit including 24-hour numbers for veterinary help
  • 9. Food & Water: always pack fresh water, snacks, and food for your pet
  • 10. Take Your Time: relax and go slow; vacations are supposed to be fun for you and your pet!

Kimpton's Pet-Friendly Program
Our pet program is legendary. We offer a warm welcome to any size, weight, or breed of pet at no extra charge at every single Kimpton Hotel. We love and respect our furry guests as much as our human ones and here's how we show it:

  • Pets are welcomed by name
  • Plush pet beds in your guest room
  • Food and water bowls and mats, plus bottled water
  • Concierge list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers, and pet boutiques
  • Door hangers alert other guests and staff that your pet is in the room
  • Courtesy bags for walking your dog
  • Nightly complimentary wine reception—pets are welcome to join the party!
  • If we know your pet is coming, our Director of Pet Relations can send an email

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