"Hi, I'm Oliver, the Director of Pet Relations at Hotel Monaco Chicago. A true 'wags to riches' story, I was an orphan at a Miami animal shelter before getting rescued and later appointed Director of Pet Relations at this luxurious downtown hotel in Chicago, Illinois. I love to run on the lakefront, have my belly rubbed, and shake paws with the guests at our hosted evening wine hour. Tell your people to email me with your travel plans and preferences. I am also available to bow-wow about the best pet-friendly places in Chicago…like where to chow down the best bones."

Hotel: Hotel Monaco Chicago
City: Chicago, IL
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Age: 3 years
Likes: My giraffe bed, having my belly rubbed, my chewy bone
Dislikes: Getting my tail pulled
Hobbies: Morning walkthrough. Hanging out below the coffee table in the lobby during wine hour. Playing chase in the lobby with others.
You'll Find Oliver: Lying on my giraffe bed, greeting guests in the hotel lobby, co-hosting evening wine hours, romping on the lakefront.
Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs
Favorite Charity: The Homeless Family Center (HFC)
Contact Info: Oliver@monaco-chicago.com

Pet Guest Story
The general manager and I were doing a walk-through of the hotel one morning and I didn’t have my leash on. I decided to do a little scouting and ran ahead of him and straight into a board meeting. He was a little red in the face when he came in to get me, but the meeting had stopped because everyone was getting up to play with me (and rub my belly). They even asked if I could stay in the meeting for a little bit longer.

Top Tips for Pet Travelers
Always travel with a crate. Don't forget the tennis balls, portable water bowl and suntan lotion for my nose. Kimpton pet beds for loan, organic doggie treats in the lobby, food and water bowls, biodegradable poop scoop bags.

Kimpton's Pet-Friendly Program

For people who like to bring their pets along, Kimpton's Pet-Friendly program is legendary. We offer a warm welcome to pets all over the country, making it easy and fun to have them with you. Really. If you're happier and more comfortable traveling with your pet, you're welcome at every Kimpton Hotel. And you can imagine how much fun it is for us.

Here's how we make it a treat to travel with your pet:

  • Individual pets are welcomed by name on a lobby activities board
  • Our honor bar is stocked with both pet and people treats
  • We provide bedding and bowls for guest rooms, including bottled water
  • Director of Pet Relations trading cards and their own personal pet travel tips
  • Door hangers alert other guests and staff that your pet is in the room
  • Our concierge will have local resources and information about pet-friendly restaurants, parks, playgrounds, and stores close by.
  • A steady supply of plastic bags for walking your dog
  • If we know your pet is coming, the hotel's Director of Pet Relations can send an email.
  • Pet toys, eco pet products and pet-friendly magazines
  • A special menu for ordering things you may have left behind, like collars, leashes, umbrellas, that kind of thing
  • Some hotels offer pet massages as part of our In Room Spa services

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