"Hi, I'm Bosco. A long time ago, I was a frequent guest of FireSky Resort and Spa. The staff grew to love me so much they offered me a position as the Director of Pet Relations. Of course I accepted and now enjoy serving as a host, alongside human pet ambassador Nakobi Gaither, to all guests of our resort. Have your people email us with your travel plans and Nakobi and I will make your stay a special one."

Hotel: FireSky Resort & Spa
City: Scottsdale, AZ
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 7 years
Likes: Eating, playing with stuffed animals, exercising
Dislikes: Vacuums and balloons
Hobbies: Chasing bugs, trying to get pets from people
You'll Find Bosco: Hosting Doggie Happy Hour and Dirty Dog Wash, or just hanging out at wine hour
Favorite Food: Anything but pretzels
Favorite Charity: Animal Rescue
Contact Info: bosco@fireskyresort.com

Pet Guest Story
Bosco describes the best thing about greeting pet guests and their human companions:  "We have a lobby chalkboard that resembles me.  When guests see it, they often look at me, do a double take and say, 'Hey, that's the dog on the board!'   I always get a kick out of that.   I also love all the attention that guests lavish on me.  My trick?  I stretch my paws in front of me, kick my back legs out like a frog, wiggle my nubby tail, perk the ears up, and woof, just like that, folks are petting me.  On a good day, I can even manage a few belly rubs!"

Top Tips for Pet Travelers
Bosco says, "In Scottsdale, I like to hang out at Salty Senorita—a fun Old Town restaurant and cantina—Classy Jazzy dog clothing shop, or Chaparral Dog Park—an off-leash paradise with three acres of grass. I also like it here at the FireSky, where I get people to pet me. The best thing in town, though, has got to be the "Dog Beer" we offer. It's got my face on it, tastes great, and is especially refreshing after a long day of chewing on one's paw."

Kimpton's Pet-Friendly Program

For people who like to bring their pets along, Kimpton's Pet-Friendly program is legendary. We offer a warm welcome to pets all over the country, making it easy and fun to have them with you. Really. If you're happier and more comfortable traveling with your pet, you're welcome at every Kimpton Hotel. And you can imagine how much fun it is for us.

Here's how we make it a treat to travel with your pet:

  • Individual pets are welcomed by name on a lobby activities board
  • Our honor bar is stocked with both pet and people treats
  • We provide bedding and bowls for guest rooms, including bottled water
  • Director of Pet Relations trading cards and their own personal pet travel tips
  • Door hangers alert other guests and staff that your pet is in the room
  • Our concierge will have local resources and information about pet-friendly restaurants, parks, playgrounds, and stores close by.
  • A steady supply of plastic bags for walking your dog
  • If we know your pet is coming, the hotel's Director of Pet Relations can send an email.
  • Pet toys, eco pet products and pet-friendly magazines
  • A special menu for ordering things you may have left behind, like collars, leashes, umbrellas, that kind of thing
  • Some hotels offer pet massages as part of our In Room Spa services

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