The Essentials
Hosted Evening Wine Hour
Unwind with a delicious glass of wine and mix with other guests at the end of each day.
Local Tips
We're full of ideas that get you inside each of our cities. Ask anyone who works in our hotels where to go.
Forgot it, we've got it
Smooth out the wrinkles when you travel, with our complimentary menu of grooming items.
Kimpton Kids
Why leave "the kids" at home? Take them on your next family vacation. Kimpton welcomes everyone.
Meet Our Chefs
They're passionate for seasonal flavors and fresh-off-the farm, sustainable ingredients.
Kimpton Style
Our shopping site invites you to bring home the Kimpton experience, with choices that range from luggage to lifestyle.
We also have fabulous restaurants, business centers and free wi-fi for Kimpton InTouch members.