We'll Take Your Word
Customize Kimpton Gift Cards with an accompanying personalized note. Profess your love. Beg for forgiveness. Butter up your boss. Thank your dentist. We'll make sure they get the message.

Kimpton Gift Cards: The Choice is Theirs

What they'll say: Wow. You shouldn't have.
What they'll mean: Wa-hoo! What should I spend it on first?
Kimpton Gift Cards translate into a world of restaurant, hotel, and wellness experiences in loved cities nationwide. Each is an exciting choose-your-own adventure.

See what's cooking
Recipients will savor the fact that Kimpton Gift Cards can be used at our restaurants, whether they are secluded Italian trattorias or robust American grills.

Kick back for the night
For an extra-special occasion, use your Gift Card to stay at a Kimpton hotel. You'll find a room fit for a king (or queen or court jester, for that matter) across the country.

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Gift Card Questions?
Please call: 888-695-4678 (Hours: 8am - 9pm CST)

* We're sorry, but the following locations don't accept Kimpton Gift Cards at this time: Tuscan Inn, Cafe Pescatore, Bistro Bis, Ozumo, Print, Zahtar, Cafe de la Presse, Brighton, Humphrey, SIX15 Lounge, Cobalt, Heaton's Reef, Postrio, and Zuma