We get letters all the time, and they're a lot like the ones you'll see here. Feel free to take a look around.

Onyx Hotel, Boston:


I wanted to take a moment to tell you what an amazing experience I have had at your facility. I have had the pleasure of staying with you 6 or 7 times in recent months. I work down the street at the Garden and love the convenience of being able to walk back and forth, which is what originally attracted me to your location.

From the first time I checked in, I realized immediately that your staff was exceptional. I remember the evening well...I checked in late, as usual, after a long day of travel and work, and was immediately offered a glass of wine. This gesture in and of itself was unique and greatly appreciated. David was polite, accommodating, and a nothing short of outstanding. I quickly discovered that his attitude is not the exception at the Onyx, but the rule. Tracy and Metrey at the bar remember the wine I like, and always provide great service and pleasant conversation at the bar. I ran into Metrey last night and she even asked about my son who we talked about several weeks ago. Even coming in and out of the hotel is a great experience thanks to Randy. He seems to be there every waking minute with a smile on his face. What a gem!

However, it is my experience with Michael Holzwarth which prompted me to write this letter. I checked in late Tuesday evening and after greeting me by name and welcoming me back, he noticed that I was struggling a bit. I told him that I took a fall last week and bruised my tailbone in the process. By the time I got to the hotel after waking up at 4:15am, flying in from Ohio and working until 9:00pm, I was once again in a lot of pain. Michael responded by personally delivering a heating pad and a bottle of wine to aid in my recovery. I have told the story 50 times in the last two days. WOW!!!!!

I have been to many fine hotels, both for business and for pleasure. I must say without a doubt, that the experiences I have had at the Onyx rank at the top of my list. I am not easily impressed, and it is with pleasure that I say your staff has genuinely impressed me. I feel like a queen from the minute I walk in the door. It is hard to be away from home, but your staff makes me feel as if I have an extended family right here in Boston.

Congratulations for cultivating what is one of, if not the BEST service oriented staff I have encountered in Boston, or anywhere in the country. It might have been the location which brought me to the Onyx, but the service brings me back.

Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays!

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth A. Wise
Human Resources Manager

I have stayed at 8 or 9 different Kimpton properties in the last year and have always enjoyed my stays and the staff has always been excellent, but my stay at the Onyx in Boston has surpassed even my best experiences with your company. The rooms are nice but the service is the best I have ever seen, and I stay in hotels every week around the world. I would particularly like to recognize Scotty the bellman and Julian at the desk. Great amenities.

Marc Abrams


Thank you for the note. I will be staying with you many nights this year. I have stayed in other outstanding Kimpton hotels, but the Onyx is very special. You should let Kimpton know that my experience at the Onyx is likely the reason I will switch my loyalties to Kimpton from my platinum status at Westin.

Thanks for the service,

John Fees

Hotel Burnham, Chicago:

My partner, Jennie & I stayed at Hotel Burnham for the first time on June 9 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We live in Chicago but just wanted a short getaway without the distractions of home. Our stay was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. The staff at the front desk, the valet, housekeeping, anyone we spoke with was extremely pleasant, friendly and helpful. One person in particular, made our stay especially wonderful.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure of his name, but it may have been Alan. (I know he moved here from New Orleans a year ago if that helps!) He was at the front desk Thursday when we checked in and was also there during the wine reception. We started talking and he found out that it was our anniversary and sent a bottle of champagne up to our room! As lesbians, we have sometimes gotten "funny looks" when traveling together or at some bed and breakfasts or hotels. I was so impressed that the staff at Hotel Burnham made us feel so special!

I guess what I've read is true - your hotel really does embrace diversity & inclusion. Our anniversary was absolutely perfect and it was in large part due to the wonderful staff at the hotel. Also, we were taken aback by the beauty of the building. What a treasure. We don't know when we might be back but we hope it is soon. We are also looking forward to experiencing other Kimpton hotels in our travels. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Barbara Sessler

Cypress Hotel, Cupertino:

Hello Aaron,

As per the conversation we had last weekend outside of the Hotel. I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for the manner in which you and your staff has treated me over the last 8 or 9 months. As you know the Cypress is my "Home Away From Home" each weekend. The personalized caring service I receive is not only appreciated by myself but it is also truly appreciated by my friends and family I leave behind in the Napa Valley each week. They only seem to worry about my commute down to Cupertino these days and never about the accommodations, as they are simply perfect.

The following is an excerpt from a letter I forwarded to Kimpton Corporate as to my stays with the chain. Please share with the gang!

"Now Karna, I would be doing a HUGE Kimpton disservice if I did not get a kind word in to you as to the fine job rendered down at the Cypress:

This team takes such great care of me each and every weekend at the Cypress. I am a long way from home each week and without the warm smiles and encouraging sentiments when returning to the hotel after the long days I don't know how I would fare. I am in a "Non-Smoking" suite for the first time in my adult life because of this team. They send up the real-deal cream each night for my morning in room coffee service. My room for the next weekend is booked nearly with the nod of a head as I leave each Sunday morning. As I pull out of the garage to head off the property, there is always a wave of a hand and smile for a safe return, too cool! They truly are the epitome of Customer Care. World Class Staff."

They are an outstanding group of individuals.
(Guest Relations Manager) Aaron Menchaca
(Front Desk Team) Natalie Nguyen, Jessica Torres, James Wu, Amisadai Morales, Annie Chang, Aerin Siller
(Night Audit Team) Josh Dion and David Wadley


Frank Fradella
Apple Computer Inc.

Hotel Monaco, Denver:

Dear Hotel Monaco Team,

Exceptional is a word I use only when it is deserved. But you have an exceptional team here. Let me tell you about my experience with your hotel today:

My day started at 4am when I woke up to catch a 6am out of SFO for DEN. I had all the security hassles everyone else did but I made it. My day was not going well at all RIGHT UP UNTIL the point I contacted you at noon and explained I had lunch at Panzano's with a guy I am doing a deal with here in DEN. I asked if there was any way I could check in early. No problem Mr. Dunlap come right in and we'll set you up, said Ashley at the front desk, and don't forget the wine event tonight from 5-6, we have good wine and the ladies from Aveda come over and give massages. No, I think. I am a serious businessman. We do not drink wine and get messages at 5. I will miss it but thank you.

Returned to Monaco at 5:15 completely exhausted, determined to grab a bagel or something and go to bed. But Brian-Douglas Stanwood left me a HAND WRITTEN note in my room with a bottle of wine naming me and my company and thanking us for our business. I didn't know they made note cards any more. And hand written ones?

So I go downstairs expecting crappy wine and 58 year old chain smoking plumbing parts salesmen talking about their exploits. But instead find Beth Johnston offering wine of my choice in a friendly, courteous manner, not talking about business, which I don't want to talk about, but HOW WAS MY DAY?

Your team is on message and working TOGETHER, from top to bottom. Wow. Exceptional. With all that word really means. Please do me and your teams a favor and forward this to the CEO of Kimpton Hotels. He or she must be a smart manager that knows how to catch people doing things right because it sure as hell is working in Denver.

Kind regards and deep appreciation for a job well done,

Dave Dunlap
Sr. Vice President of Operations

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Lori -

I have been meaning to send a note since mid-October, my last trip to Denver. Jannet and I have been on the road - Florida, Spain, California, Florida - since then and I am just now getting to it. Being that 'tis the season, I thought I would combine it with holiday wishes. Please share this with the Hotel Monaco family.

My thanks to you and all of the Hotel Monaco team for making me feel more than welcome over the 2+ years (by my count 292 room nights) that I spend with you. I had one long demanding day after another during that period and needed more than simply a hotel room to escape to at night. The Monaco together with Panzano provided that extra. They were my retreat from work - an oasis in my day. They were, as I said on more than one occasion, my living room and dining room where I could put aside the pressures of the day and relax. I appreciated the warm welcome I would receive each evening when I returned and the light banter as people conveyed their hellos. I also appreciated that I had my space and the time to unwind. The Monaco and Panzano are first rate facilities by design and quality of product delivered. In my opinion, however, the team that has been assembled - and that I had the good fortune to be tended to by - added the "fizz" that kept me there week after week and made my experience exceptional. Thank you to all!

Happy Holidays,

Dan Mageras

PS. Lori - My thanks again for the suggestions you made in Vail and Beaver Creek. While it was brief, Jannet and I enjoyed the SonnenAlp and the restaurants we tried. Also, please give my thanks to Amos for his help with the arrangements at the San Francisco Monaco. The rooms were great and we enjoyed every minute of our stay.

70 park avenue hotel, New York:

I booked five rooms for 4/1 and 4/2. This past weekend was my wedding (second marriage) and most of our family plus some friends had the great pleasure of staying at the 70 Park Ave. Hotel. I have to comment on what an absolutely "perfect" hotel this is.

I worked for many years in the corporate part of the Hospitality Industry. (Benech Mark and Starwood Hotels) I tend to notice the big and the small things with each hotel I stay at. Having been in the industry I can be very aware of what lacks at a hotel...from the first point of service to the moment I leave. I also from time to time, stay in a great many hotels in Manhattan. My most frequent choices have always been The Essex House and The Waldorf. We booked at the 70 Park Ave. Hotel for its location to our reception. I have to tell you that I was completely "WOWED" by the entire experience at The 70 Park Ave. Hotel. Your hotel is a gem! The décor, the comfort, the friendly staff, the PROFESSIONAL yet warm treatment from everyone on the staff was such a pleasure. I have never stayed at a hotel here in NYC that I've found to be a "cut above" with "every" aspect of the hotel.

We have decided that whenever we take our weekend trips to NYC from now on will be stayed at the 70 Park Ave. Hotel. You have certainly brought a wonderful hotel to this city. I will HIGHLY recommend this hotel to any of our friends or business associates who need to stay in NYC. Please continue to provide your wonderful service. In my opinion, your hotel is the "new grand" of hotels in NYC for me.

Your entire front desk staff. (Day and Evening) Your Bellman and Larry at the front door. Both your Day and Evening Managers where just great. Your restaurant manager was just wonderful.

Geri P.

Hotel Vintage Plaza, Portland, OR:

Ms. Jeri Riggs
Hotel Vintage Plaza
422 SW Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97205

Dear Ms. Riggs:

I cannot let another day go by without letting you know how delighted WineAmerica, the National Association of American Wineries is that we chose your hotel to hold our Annual Fall Meeting, which was held last week, November 9-12, 2004. The week was filled with busy working sessions, breakfast meetings, lunches, a wine reception, briefing seminar, and committee meeting, but your staff made the "work" we were doing so very pleasurable. We had some close calls with our typical last minuet changes but through it all, your staff maintained such professionalism and expertise while they solved our problems that our members barely noticed the glitches in our program. What exceptional service we had!

Liz Dahlager's expert guidance throughout our weeks of planning certainly paid off. This was a critical meeting for the Association at an important time in the wine industry. Simply put, we needed the meeting to go well. The fact that Liz was so available to lead me through the plans for the meeting functions, with her keen sense of timing and careful attention to detail, was not only comforting to this novice meeting planner but made the Association sparkle like fine wine in the eyes of our members.

Most visible of all was the seamless service of Aaron Clemens, our "go to man" throughout our stay. Let me commend him on his tireless work. We were quite a difficult group to satisfy, but with each request, Aaron was right there to fulfill (even anticipate!) our needs. His swift-yet-calm sense of urgency to get the job done well is unparalleled. Rarely have I experienced such a humble and genuinely gracious individual. (When I applauded him, he quickly let me know that he didn't do it alone. Kudos to Travis Boslar as well!) My recommendation to you is if Aaron ever has an interest in considering an executive position in your company that he be given an immediate promotion. In the meantime, based on his poise and resourcefulness, I think a hefty bonus is in order. Because of him, it's an absolute given that when I return to Portland, I'll consider reserving at none other than the Hotel Vintage Plaza! It's safe to say, my members were completely taken in as well.

I look forward to returning there again. Thank you for a wonderful week!


Terri A. Lankford
Director, Communications & Membership Services

Hotel Triton, San Francisco:

To Brian Fenwick, General Manger - Hotel Triton

Dear Mr. Fenwick,

I am writing to let you know how much I have appreciated the hard work of one of your employees, Jimmy Leyva. My fiance and I chose to have our family stay at the Hotel Triton for our wedding weekend, and ever since Jimmy started he has worked tirelessly to help us get everything coordinated. There have been errors in reservations, guests have been told different things about the cancellation policy (all by the 800 number), and Jimmy has always been able to straighten things out.

As you know, planning a wedding is very stressful and there are a million details to think about, and it has been such a huge comfort to me to know that Jimmy is making everything right. He always promptly returns my phone calls and e-mails (and often on weekends and evenings!), sends me a new hard-copy fax of the guest reservations every time a change is made, and always does this in the friendliest way. In the hospitality business customer service is everything, and I want to be sure you know what an amazing asset you have in Jimmy Leyva.

Thank you so much,

Michele Gomez

Hotel Monaco, Seattle:

To Jeremy Strober - General Manger, Hotel Monaco Seattle

Mr. Strober,

I wanted to take this time to rave about your staff and the amazing service I received at your Hotel Monaco is Seattle, WA. I have been on the road for 7 weeks for work and was a little disappointed I could not find a Marriott available since I was trying to rack up points from all my various stays around the country. That has all changed after my stay at your hotel.

I am absolutely floored by the phenomenal associates you have at your hotel. From the moment I arrived, off a six hour flight no less, I was greeted and welcomed by your doorman and then warmly welcomed by the front desk. They had warm smiles and a wonderful attitude. Everyone said hello and made sure to make eye contact with me all the time. The bellman I had, I believe his name was Kevin, sorry it was a long trip, was funny, made me feel like a royal guest, and made sure to tell me what time he was working till if I had any other questions. Jessie was also another essential associate you have who went out of his way to help me with directions and get transportation to work.

Every day after long meetings and talking about what great service should be, I came back to the hotel to wonderful wine hours and everything from massages or tarot card readings. Every day I went to our long days raving about the previous day at my home away from home. Even the house keeping staff was great!!! I had my bed turned down with wonderful chocolates and even had a robe, that I was not using, laying out on my bed greeting me from a long day.

One of your associates I need to point out. Mario in room service was exceptional. He greeted me on the phone using my last name, which I love, was funny on the phone, and personally delivered our food. This just proves what a dedicated worker he is by delivering it himself. He asked me about my stay, asked where I was from and is just a rock star! In this day in age of competitive hotel wars, you just can't believe that hotels such as yours still give service like this! Gina your Manager was exceptional also. I had to call her before I left and tell her personally of this great stay. She was so sweet on the phone, even before I told her I was commending the stay, she was warm and welcoming even before we started our conversation.

My parents just returned from a stay at the Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco, and they agreed your Kimpton group of hotels offer the best customer service out there. I pride myself on working for one of the best brands on the market, but your hotel is exactly what customers are looking for when they travel.

Please share my compliments with your entire staff since there were so many others during my stay who went above and beyond. I have joined your Intouch program and encourage my co-workers to stay at your wonderful hotel. I also let my coordinator know all my future travel plans I will stay at a Kimpton Hotel. If there is anyone else I can reach out to share my feeling with in upper management, please feel free to let me know since I would be proud to let them know of your wonderful establishment. This service cannot go unnoticed!!

Stacy L. Blaker
Operations Specialist
Starbucks Coffee Company

Hotel Helix, Washington, D.C.:

Dear Nick,

We wanted to just take a minute to let you know what a wonderful trip we had to Washington DC! Please forgive the delay in getting this out to you --- gosh - it's been over a month since our DC visit!

When Cole decided to celebrate his 7th birthday with a family get-away instead of the "traditional" 7 year old birthday party we were delighted. Little did we know a little weekend get away would turn into a once in a life time trip through our nations capital.

When we started to research something "different" Washington DC was at the top of our list. After reading about many of our hotel options I was excited to learn more about the Hotel Helix. You should be happy to know that Frommer's 'Washington D.C. with kids' has some wonderful things to say about your hotel. This was confirmed by checking out your website and again when my husband Rick called and talked to you personally about the family bunk room. The information you provided and enthusiasm about your hotel "sealed the deal" for us!

The kids loved the atmosphere! The family bunk room was perfect for us and our boys had so much fun. Your staff is amazing, and the little touches like letting them pick out a toy for their stay made them feel so welcomed. Cole (our little artist) was so excited to get some watercolors - that sure made him feel at home! When you told him his picture was displayed in the lobby - that's all he could talk about all day! It was also the first thing he shared with his class when he returned to school. (They all think he's famous now!) Thank you for making this such a special trip for us.

Please thank your wonderful staff for an amazing time. I think this is a trip we'll do again soon because of course we were not able to see everything! When friends have asked us about our trip, I'm passing on the information about Hotel Helix as it's one of our best memories.

Thanks again for our memorable trip!

Warm Texas wishes,

Lara Niles
for the Niles Family Rick, Lara, Jack and Cole

To Nick Gregory, General Manger - Hotel Helix


I just got a call from a Mr. Don Schroud. He was in town for the inaugural events and stayed at your hotel with Illinois senator Jerry Weller's group.

Mr. Schroud called on behalf of the group to reportthe exceptionalservice they received from one of your employees, Ericka Nelson. Apparently, Ericka went the extra mile andbeyond to make their stay as comfortable, convenient and pleasant as possible. She was always on hand and had a solution forany problem that arose; for example,when they learned that some of them would have to go straight from DC to Nicaragua, shehelped them ship things back to Chicago. This was just one of the many ways that she made them feel at home.

Mr. Schroud was very emphatic in his praise for Ericka. He wanted to be sure that you and Tom LaTour were aware of the asset we have in her. He would love to talk to either of you about her.

By the way, he nominated her for Employee of the Year.

Jennifer Magnone
Project Administrator
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Hotel Rouge, Washington, D.C.:

Subject: A Very Happy Customer

Attn. Mr. Mike Damion, GM Hotel:

My name is Mrs. Barb Batista and I stayed at the Hotel Rouge in Washington, DC with my husband, and 2 daughters (Jazmyn (6) & Sarah (4)). We stayed from July 30 - August 2, our reservation was under Bill Batista.

We met your employee, Nabil Darroumi (Guest Consultant) during our stay and he was very nice and friendly. My daughter Sarah talked to him for a little bit. Our stay was great and we checked out on August 2. We thought that we had everything. Unfortunately 6 hours later while still in DC, we realized Sarah had left her HAPPY, her favorite security blanket, at your hotel.

I along with Sarah were devastated. We called your hotel and Nabil Darroumi answered the phone. He was able to calm me down and check in housekeeping for her HAPPY. He even remembered my daughter Sarah's name and who we were. I thought that was great. Unfortunately, the laundry from our room along with Sarah's HAPPY had already been taken off of site. He took my name and phone # and told me that he would leave a message with Tina NGuyen, Housekeeping Mgr. about this matter. I really didn't think there was a chance we would ever get her HAPPY back. I even sent my brother-in-law, Dave, to the hotel to see if he could find out any more information. It was very important to her that she get it back. Dave talked with Nabil and told him that he was to call Dave if her HAPPY were found (Dave lives in DC).

By Friday, Dave and Nabil called me to let me know that her HAPPY had been found. Nabil wanted to call me himself to make sure that I got the information. I appreciated this very much. Sarah & I were very relieved and happy. Nabil, personally, made sure that Sarah's HAPPY got into Dave's hands and therefore would be sent on to Sarah.

Nabil is really a great person & employee. I will remember and will forever be grateful for all that he did to make sure that Sarah got her HAPPY back.

Sarah was estatic when her HAPPY arrived.

Very gratefully yours,

Barb & Sarah Batista

To Michael Damion, General Manger - Hotel Rouge

Dear Michael:

I have stayed at the Rouge regularly over the last few years when working with my Washington DC clients. I wanted to bring to your attention to the extra special service I received at my last visit, Dec. 19/20 of this week.

Katelyn Gleason has always been very efficient and friendly, usually on duty when I check out in the morning. On this last visit she noticed that my Kimpton in touch number was not noted with the reservation (this explained why preferences were not noted, which was unusual). She offered to look it up and add it onto my record, which was very nice and saved me time during this busy end of year period.

After I got to my office I realized that I had forgotten my mobile phone at the hotel. I called her and she sent staff to locate it, and had me use her as the liaison. It was quickly found and she had it at the front desk for easy pickup by a messinger service. I had it back before 10:30 am, less than two hours from my original telephone call. I have always found the staff to be very helpful and friendly, and have appreciated the service of Russell, Sea, the gentleman - Mr. (I forget his name). Katelyn deserves special mention for not only taking note of small items, but also for going out of her way to resolve issues on behalf of a guest.

Thanks to you, Katelyn, and all your staff for making the Rouge a comfortable, fun, and no hassle home away from home.

Best holiday wishes to all,

Lisa Kaess
ATRIUM advisors
New York

Topaz Hotel, Washington, D.C.:

To the Staff of Topaz:

During my visit last month to DC, I enjoyed my stay at Topaz! You all are very professional and should be proud of your high level of guest services! I recommend Kimpton hotels to my clients based on my wonderful experience.

I travel quite a bit for work and visit DC at least once a year and only hope to visit Topaz again! I also have to comment that as a Buddhist, to see the teachings book in the nightstand drawer made me feel right at home and the special chocolate roses given to guests on Valentines Day was a special idea! Thank you again!

Monica Berry
Sales Manager
Caswell-Massey Charlotte
Charlotte, NC