Meetings & Events

Meetings + Events

At Kimpton, we pride ourselves in offering custom crafted meetings and events to delight any palate. We believe that providing responsive and engaging service will ensure that we deliver a memorable meeting. Cookie cutter meetings don't cut it at Kimpton.

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For Any Occasion

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Personal Touch

Real people taking care of real people.
We put our clients at ease by offering
personal attention, true partnerships, and
a seriously customized experience.

Inspiring Spaces

We create settings that lift spirits and elevate
engagement. Our style and design makes you feel
right at home, yet someplace dramatically different.

Thoughtful Perks

We bring little luxuries that inspire a sense of
belonging. Our long list of "standard" perks is
decidedly non-standard. That's before we invent
a few just for you.

Delicious Food

Chefs blend their talent with your tastes. It's not
meeting food. Or event food. Or banquet food.
It's great food. Fully engaged chefs craft a menu
just for you.

Memorable Details

Unique ideas spark from thoughtful collaboration
with chefs and planners. Results are never one size
fits all, it's always one size fits you.

Meet Our Chefs

Just like our hotels, no two are alike.

Kimpton Chefs