The Nature Conservancy

Our Partnership With The Nature Conservancy

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants have teamed up with The Nature Conservancy to promote its commitment to forest protection and restoration. We are working with this outstanding nonprofit organization to raise funds and generate awareness for their Plant a Billion Trees campaign. The Nature Conservancy has aligned with local and international conservation organizations and a host of public and private partners to bring about the rebirth of the Atlantic forest through the implementation of a large-scale forest restoration plan to plant a billion trees and conserve millions of acres in protected areas.

The Atlantic Forest and the Plant a Billion Trees Campaign
The Atlantic Forest is located along the Atlantic coast of Brazil, and in some parts of Argentina and Paraguay. In 2003, the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science described this as one of the most threatened tropical forests on the planet. Centuries ago the forest covered nearly 580,000 square miles – an area the size of the U.S. eastern seaboard from Maine to South Carolina. Today only seven percent remains, much in isolated fragments. While these last stands of lush forest harbor a wealth of biodiversity, they also represent a treasury of dwindling resources. The Nature Conservancy has embarked on their Plant a Billion Trees campaign, in a vast effort to revitalize this seriously depleted natural resource.

Staying at Kimpton Hotels Supports the Nature Conservancy

  • $10 of your daily room rate is donated back to the Nature Conservancy
  • A tree will be planted on your behalf as part of the Plant A Billion Trees Campaign
  • You will also receive a 15% discount for each night of your stay
  • Click the Reserve & Preserve button below for reservations
  • Mention the TNC rate when calling 800-Kimpton for reservations or add TNC to the rate code box, when you're booking a Kimpton hotel online
  • To give directly to Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion trees campaign, click here

Where Water Comes In
In addition, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants offer you another way to contribute to the Plant a Billion Trees campaign. Simply order delicious Natura® water in our restaurants. A portion of each sale will be given to the campaign by the restaurant, along with an additional donation from Natura.*

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants will be engaging in a number of activities in support of The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign. So stay tuned.

*Natura® water offer not available in Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.