About Kimpton Cares/Charities

About Kimpton Cares

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - When it comes to social responsibility, Kimpton Hotels is all business. Kimpton's commitment to social responsibility is evident at every level from the local and national level to the global community. This commitment to care permeates every aspect of Kimpton Hotels, beginning internally with its employees at all Kimpton Hotels, making a positive social and environmental difference in the community, as well as the hospitality industry.

Known for its unique collection of lifestyle hotels, the San Francisco-based company is expert at the art of providing travelers with stylish, eco-friendly accommodations, first-rate service, and great food - all through a very personalized approach. But the effort doesn't end there. Over the past 23 years, company leaders have generated a remarkable number of innovative social responsibility initiatives designed to extend Kimpton's ability to affect positive change on multiple fronts.

Kimpton Cares
As business leaders, we believe we have a responsibility to positively impact the communities in which we live. We strive to be conscious of our impact on the environment and to make a difference where we can. We strive to help and provide leadership for those around us, both inside and outside our company and our industry. Ultimately, we believe that when we are successful in our business endeavors, we have more resources to make a positive difference in our communities.

Kimpton Cares internally
Kimpton's strong commitment to contribution begins and ends with its employees, all of whom play an active role in maintaining the company's mission, volunteering their time and energy to a variety of charities and causes. We nurture personal growth within the workplace through our mentoring, educational and diversity & inclusion programs. We dedicate internal and external resources as experts in various fields to develop the next generation of leaders through Kimpton University. Employees are encouraged to become involved as leaders in the community and industry. It is important that our employees have a shared responsibility for the world we live in; this results in higher morale, productivity and retention rates. Consequently, our employee turnover rates are lower than national averages. This companywide level of dedication adds a unique dimension to the workplace, helping to create exciting opportunities for employees.

Kimpton Cares at the local level
Externally, Kimpton's efforts start at the community level. All of its hotels are affiliated with local non-profit organizations, including those that benefit the arts, education and neighborhood beautification. In addition, Kimpton Restaurants are involved in their local communities, working to help support food and hunger organizations, as well as underprivileged children, by hosting and teaching cooking classes along with other charitable events and promotions throughout the year. On a national scale, many of our chefs and restaurants are involved in Taste of the Nation, a program for Share Our Strength. At the same time, Kimpton Restaurants celebrate the enjoyment of good food and fine wine in a socially vibrant atmosphere. These bustling stand-alone dining destinations have revitalized the communities where they are located, providing a warm and inviting location where professionals, friends and families can feel comfortable.

Kimpton Cares at the national level
At the national level, Kimpton is a strong supporter of numerous charities, including Dress for Success (www.dressforsuccess.org) by providing financial and volunteer aid. During March and April, Kimpton highlights its partnership with Dress for Success with a special campaign called "Suited for Success."

In addition, Kimpton's Red Ribbon Campaign involves all hotels throughout the United States. Via this HIV awareness and fundraising program in November and December, each Kimpton region selects a local HIV charity to sponsor. Our commitment to raising money to fight AIDS is one we take very seriously. We not only donate funds to the issue, but we also provide training and issue awareness to our employees.

Kimpton Cares at the global level
We are implementing a variety of programs to support environmental conscientiousness and preserve our natural resources within our hotel operations. Kimpton has recently embarked on a partnership with The Nature Conservancy in support of their Plant A Billion Trees campaign. We also have a long term relationship with The Trust for Public Land, the only national non-profit dedicated exclusively to the preservation of land for public use. Guests at all Kimpton Hotels are now able to request special rates that include donations to these two organizations. We are also creating rooms that are specifically designed with conservation in mind. Finally, we are offering organic and sustainable menus in our restaurants.

Kimpton Cares Month
Our hotel and restaurant employees devote themselves to volunteerism and fundraising every year, especially during the month of February. We pay them for their time and commitment, during pre-set days, to work at or support their hotel or restaurant's selected non-profit. At its core, Kimpton's operating philosophy is predicated on the strong belief that success and responsibility go hand in hand. We strive to be globally conscious, taking an unusual—and unusually effective—approach to business. We leverage our bottom line success to make a difference in the world around us, while positively impacting people's lives.

Kimpton is a San Francisco-based company known for its collection of stylish, one of-a-kind hotels and chef-inspired restaurants. We currently operate over 100 hotels and restaurants across the United States.