Kimpton EarthCare
  Our green mission
"To support a sustainable world, and reflect the values of our employees, guests, and investors, by using non-intrusive, high quality, eco-friendly products and services at all Kimpton hotels and restaurants."
  Environmental partnerships
We partner with The Nature Conservancy and The Trust for Public Land to help them raise funds for their core projects. You are welcome to become involved.
  How EarthCare works
It's a way of doing business and leading our lives. We're more than happy to share how we do what we do.
  Awards and recognition
Many green organizations are aware of our efforts. We're not in it for the recognition, but we love it when we get acknowledged for our efforts.
  Green products & practices
Every one of our over 140 hotels and restaurants has adopted environmentally-friendly products and practices. Here's what we're doing, every day.
  Green Key/Certifications
Our values reflect yours 100%. All our hotels and restaurants are certified by unbiased, scientifically-based organizations, like Green Key's Eco-Rating Program.
  Local, organic dining
Our chefs have led the way in bringing healthy cuisine to the table. They have always included sustainability in their craft, creating gardens and buying organic.
  Earth-friendly meetings
You can join us in reducing our impact on the planet, since all our meetings and events incorporate sustainable products. We're making every meeting a green meeting.
  Tips for green travelers
Here are some great ideas our guests have shared about staying green on the road.
  EarthCare goes way back
Bill Kimpton's personal sense of sustainability first showed up in our San Francisco hotels in 1981. His sense of eco-consciousness has evolved into a company-wide way of life.
  What Can We Do To Make Our World A Better Place?
As a Kimpton guest or employee, you can be a major part of our effort to save resources and keep our environmental footprint as light as possible.
We welcome any and all ideas you may have.
Email Steve Pinetti:
  Your hybrid is our hero
We think you deserve to be applauded and rewarded for driving a car that saves serious energy.
Without asking our guests to sacrifice their comfort and enjoyment - We're doing the right thing.