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Here's How to Take The Earth With You

These tips can make you truly earth-friendly, no matter where you go.

Before You Leave Home

  • Try packing light. Every additional 10 pounds per traveler requires an additional 350 million gallons of jet fuel per year
  • Pack a reusable water bottle that you can refill to reduce waste and cost
  • Turn your water heater to "vacation" or lowest setting
  • Turn off AC/heat or adjust the thermostat to protect plants, etc.
  • Turn water off at outside connection (to prevent flooding should a pipe break while you're gone). When you return, turn on the water slowly and check for problems
  • Appliances, such as TVs and cable converter boxes, should be unplugged because they can draw or "leak" as much as 40 watts per hour even when they're off
  • Turn your icemaker to the "off" position by lifting the wire. This can prevent flooding should it break while you're away

During Your Trip

  • Take a shuttle bus or public transportation from the airport to your hotel. If you're traveling to a major city, take a walk or bike to your appointments, shopping, and local attractions
  • Rent a hybrid or natural gas vehicle. Many car rental agencies offer alternative fuel vehicles

At the Hotel or Restaurant

  • Participate in hotel linen programs, or let the hotel know that it's not necessary to change your sheets and towels every day
  • Reduce the amount of water you use for bathing or showering
  • When you leave your hotel room, turn off the AC/heat, lights, TV and radio and close the drapes
  • Participate in hotel recycling programs by placing recyclables in appropriate bins
  • Leave little bottles of amenities in the guestroom if unopened
  • Keep bar soap wrappers and take used bars of soap home
  • Let hotel management know, by speaking directly to management or writing them a note, that you want them to conserve and that you want to participate
  • Patronize hotels, airlines, tour operators who support "greening" programs
  • Instead of leaving bathroom lights (and fans) on all night, it's wise to pack night lights for hotel stays
  • If the hotel provides complimentary newspapers, pass yours on to someone else, or leave it in the lobby for another reader. Ask the hotel to see that it's recycled
  • Be sure to turn off exercise equipment, sauna, whirlpool, Jacuzzi or tennis court lights when you're through
  • Check out with the hotel's electronic program available on the TV in some hotels. You can view your bill, approve it, and help reduce paperwork
  • Choose restaurants that serve organic and locally grown food and produce

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