Earthcare Program and Structure
Planning That Pays Off. For The Earth

Planning, implementing and sustaining system-wide change requires tremendous stamina from our managers and 100% commitment from all our employees. Our employees help each other to remember new behaviors, and our guests genuinely appreciate our efforts. 18% of our first-time guests stay in Kimpton Hotels and eat in our restaurants because they're in tune with our eco-consciousness.

Kimpton Employees. The Heart and Soul of EarthCare
The fact is, Kimpton EarthCare® is run by our employees. Every hotel and restaurant has EarthCare champions. These are employees who step up to take charge, since they are the most passionate about EarthCare. Anyone can become involved, from front desk staff to the general managers to hostesses to housekeepers. The champions meet twice a month to ensure compliance with current standards, develop tools to train new employees, and keep EarthCare fresh in the minds of all employees. They often come up with new ideas for new products and practices to be reviewed, tested and rolled out company-wide. How is Kimpton management involved? Let's just say they do the blocking and tackling, making sure our employees get the resources they need.

The ideas just keep on coming
One of our employees came up with the simple idea of recycling the wire coat hangers guest laundry and cleaning is delivered on. That alone can save two tons of steel in any given year. Another employee recommended that we offer phone books to guests by request instead of putting one in each room. This simple change has saved paper in a meaningful way. Every year, each Kimpton hotel saves about three trees worth of paper. That's more than 130 trees a year, and the number is growing.

We invite you to enjoy a stay or a meal with us. We're working hard to care for the earth, as well as our guests, and you'll appreciate that.