Diversity & Inclusion

A Truly Diverse, Incredibly Inclusive Culture. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants strive to create a work force as diverse, inclusive and multifaceted as its customer base. It is our desire to respect culture and ethnic diversity by hiring and nurturing individuals with an array of talent, experience, perspective, and backgrounds that will recognize the needs of, and provide exceptional service to our guests. Here's how diversity and inclusion looks at Kimpton:

  • Our Culture Encourages Innovation. Just as our architecture and interior designs stand out in a crowded marketplace, our employees are becoming legendary in their individualized approaches to care. This arises from a culture of inclusion that recognizes and welcomes individuality and encourages each employee to be the most authentic person he or she can be. The management at Kimpton works hard to create an environment where employees can feel free to be themselves on the job.
  • Reflecting the Diversity of Our Guests. At Kimpton we are committed to being as inclusive and representative as possible. It is important to our culture and our business to make sure our workforce looks, sounds and acts like our diverse guests. We only ask that the employees we hire will share Kimpton's values: focus, passion, personality, individuality, integrity, creativity, and continuous improvement.
  • Recognized Leadership. Kimpton's commitment to celebrating diversity was recognized recently for the fourth year in a row by the Human Rights Campaign, which gave the company a perfect score of 100% on the HRC Corporate Equality Index, distinguishing Kimpton, once more, as the only hospitality company to receive this honor.
  • Kimpton has always embraced diversity. In our culture, diversity goes beyond the traditional definition. Our approach requires a complete understanding of different interests, perspectives and backgrounds. That means creating an environment that reflects all the experiences of the employees and the guests. It means developing an open mind. To achieve these goals, Kimpton has established a number of policies and programs to increase awareness, understanding, acceptance, and respect for differences. This ultimately promotes more trusting and productive working relationships.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Interactive Training for All Staff Levels. Kimpton's diversity work includes interactive training that offers employees innovative perspectives on diversity and inclusion. It gives them a unifying look at Kimpton's values with the opportunity to integrate their own. Each hotel and restaurant has a unique personality, as does each employee. The training recognizes that diversity is the fuel that drives creativity and innovation. The training also incorporates effective leadership skills, with an emphasis on honoring diverse cultures, personalities and points-of-view.