Posted May 6, 2015

#WineWednesday: What Wines Go With Artichokes?

Eat + Drink


With their thorny leaves arrayed in an overlapping defensive posture, artichokes seem about as approachable as an armadillo. But this veggie (and yes, it is a vegetable) has a mighty impressive pedigree: Native to the Mediterranean, it’s been a table staple since the time of the ancient Greeks. And not only are they tasty whether steamed, stuffed or deep fried, artichokes also have a very high antioxidant capacity, aid digestion, and help reduce cholesterol.

So why do sommeliers hate them?

Check out this month’s #WineWednesday video with Kimpton Master Sommelier Emily Wines for the answer, and more importantly, learn what wines go with artichokes.

Artichoke photo: Hardy Wilson


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