Posted July 27, 2011

Wine Quiz: What’s Your Entertaining Style?

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The type of wine you serve at a party is indicative of the kind of entertainer you are. Take this quiz created by Master Sommelier Emily Wines to discover your soirée style.

1.     How do you store your wine?

a.     In my 24-bottle sub-zero glass-front wine fridge.
b.     I don’t store wine. I buy what I need and drink it as I get it!
c.     Wine is a serious investment for me. I store it in a temperature-controlled wine locker.
d.     Whites go in the fridge and reds go in the pantry.
e.     There are stacks of cases in the back of my garage.

2.     What do you like to drink your wine out of?

a.     Exclusive hand-blown glasses found on my last buying trip to Venice.
b.     I keep it simple — one all-purpose glass for all occasions.
c.     I have six different styles of Ridel glasses — a different one for one Riesling, Syrah,  Barolo, Burgundy, Chardonnay and Cabernet.
d.     All of my glasses were picked up on different winery visits and wine festivals. None match but all remind me of great drinking experiences
e.     The largest glass I can find. Bonus if it’s almost as big as my head.

3.     When the doorbell rings and my guests arrive, I am wearing:

a.     A little black dress.
b.     Jeans, a nice top and heels.
c.     My work suit.
d.     A pretty summer dress.
e.     An apron with some ironic catchphrase.
4.     My idea of a great wine party is:

a.     Tasting through a vertical of cult Napa Cabernets.
b.     Everyone brings a bottle to share.
c.     A comparison of unique soil types and clones of Pinot Noir grown at high altitude.
d.     A fabulous dinner with wines to match each course.
e.     I thought the definition of a great party was simply having wine.

5.     My favorite source for wine information is:

a.     Visits to the food and wine festivals around the world.
b.     I just read the back of the bottle or the tags in the shop.
c.     Sotheby’s New Wine Encyclopedia or Oxford Companion to Wine.
d.     I talk to sommeliers or wine shop owners.
e.     All I care is if it tastes good! I don’t need to know about it.

If you answered mostly A’s, then you are a connoisseur of luxurious things. You love to spoil your guests. Champagne is a must-have at your parties! For a splurge, serve Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and for more casual parties serve Moet Brut Imperial.

If B was your majority selection, you are a no-fuss kind of entertainer. The company and the meal will be remembered more than the wine. Go for good versatile varietals. Pinot Noir is soft, juicy and bridges the gap with many different dishes. Try Domaine Drouhin from Oregon for a lighter style or Gary Farrell from Sonoma for something more full-bodied.

If you picked lots of C’s, then you are what we in the wine biz call a “Cork Dork.” Wear this title proudly, for you have been bitten by the wine bug … hard. The world is full of hidden gems, so go off the beaten path for your wines. This summer try something cool like Siglas Santorini from Greece; it is a lush, crisp white that is perfect with summer fare. Also give dry Portuguese reds a whirl; Chryseia from the Douro is refreshing and goes well with barbecue.

If your answers were mostly D’s, then you love to throw a party! Why go for the tried and true? There are some great blends out there that are as playful and as fabulous as your personality.  I recommend a pair from Murrieta’s Well called “The Whip” and “The Spur.” This red and white duo is versatile and a real crowd pleaser.

If E was your favorite pick, then you’re a true hedonist. Go for quantity, which doesn’t mean you can’t have quality too. Box wine can be a great solution for parties. Not only does the wine stay fresh from beginning to end, but you don’t have as much to recycle at the end of the night. Not to mention you don’t have to keep opening those pesky bottles! Favorites for flavor and value are Black Box Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and Big House Red from California.

Photo by Jon Feingersh
Updated April 21, 2016


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