Posted May 4, 2020

What’s Trending in the Kitchen During Quarantine

Eat + Drink

Every year, foodies and beverage enthusiasts look forward to the reveal of our Culinary + Cocktail Trends Report. We call upon the knowledge of our talented chefs and bartenders to share their predictions for the most interesting and popular food & drink trends in the coming year.

Using intel from Kimpton’s resident foodies & the expertise of our culinary team, we’ve put together a “Quarantine Edition” of the Culinary & Cocktail Trends Report, including recipes and hot tips to help you bring these to life in the quarantined-comfort of your own kitchen.

Spice up your quarantine cooking and make these trending dishes and drinks. Photo Credit: Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

Whether you’ve been tempted by the sweet allure of Dalgona coffee or inspired to bake your own bread, we’re sure you’ve seen more than one of these show up in your Instagram feeds. But let’s get real – who could ever get tired of looking at Dalgona?

Drumroll please…

Banana Bread

There’s no denying that banana bread has had a resurgence these past few weeks. Look no further for the best thing to do with those ripening bananas sitting on your kitchen countertop.

Kimpton twist: Add peanut butter chips, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love peanut butter & banana?

Nothing comforts quite like fresh-baked Banana Bread. Photo Credit: Whitney Wright via Unsplash

Dalgona Coffee

This nostalgic iced coffee originates from Korea, where—fun fact—“dalgona” actually means “sweet”.

Kimpton twist: Dust cinnamon on top, whisk in matcha powder, or add chocolate syrup to make it a mocha. Swap the sugar for coconut sugar so it’s lower on the glycemic index—it’s just as Instagrammable and doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much.

Tip: Use instant coffee instead of coffee grounds—it’s supposed to be easy!

Upgrade your daily coffee with a dalgona coffee. Photo Credit: Oana Cristina via Unsplash

Sourdough Starter

Because trips to the bakery aren’t always possible right now, sourdough starter has become the king of quarantine baking.

Kimpton twist: Use the sourdough discards to make it into crackers, turn it into pizza dough, bagel dough, or try your hand at scallion pancakes.

Homemade sourdough bread takes time to make, but it’s soo worth it. Photo Credit: Tommaso Urli via Unsplash


We have it on good authority that the Quarantini is whatever you want it to be. It’s a cocktail for the people by the people and its hashtag has gone viral with 57k posts and counting. There is no wrong way to #quarantini. Use these cocktail recipes for inspiration.

Make your own signature cocktail and show it off as your #quarantini. Photo Credit: Addie Chinn

Cinnamon Rolls

Everyone’s favorite breakfast treat. These cinnamon rolls are easy enough to prep ahead and pop in the oven the morning-of.

Kimpton twist: Make the dough into waffles for a decadent variation on the theme.

What could be better than a fresh cinnamon roll with your morning coffee? Photo Credit: Mark Olsen via Unsplash

“Clean Out Your Fridge” Bowls or Salads

For when you need to use what you already have, but you also want something delicious. Try these fridge cleaning recipes. Because there’s absolutely no wasting food during quarantine.

Salads are an easy way to make a meal out of what you have on hand. Photo Credit: Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

Carrot Cake

A little bit savory, a little bit sweet. This carrot cake is also a great way to use those dry ingredients in your pantry.

Kimpton twist: Add a dash of chai spice for a little extra kick.

Now’s the perfect time to perfect your carrot cake recipe. Photo Credit: Katarzyna Grabowska via Unsplash

Comfort Food

A classic grilled cheese sandwich and fresh homemade pasta top our list.

Forget counting carbs and bring on the noodles and cheese! Photo Credit: Bruna Branco via Unsplash

Dutch Baby

This is basically a pancake that can be eaten for any meal of the day. We’re on board with the dutch baby revival.

Kimpton twist: Make it savory by omitting the sugar (use a little salt instead) and adding toppings like grated cheese, crème fraiche, bacon, smoked fish, guacamole, etc.

This versatile pancake is perfect for any time of the day. Photo Credit: Sheri Silver via Unsplash

Easy 3-4 Ingredient Cocktails

Try one of these easy cocktails that need just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand, including none other than La Croix. Whatever gets us through lockdown right?

Kimpton twist: We’re partial to the Easy Paloma using La Croix Orange, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, Casamigos Reposado tequila, and a few drops of Stevia.

A classic margarita is easy to make with just a few ingredients.

Fresh Cheese

This is something you normally don’t have time for, but now actually might. Make your own fresh ricotta—whole milk, heavy cream, salt and vinegar is all you need.

Kimpton twist: Spoon onto toast, spin it into a savory or sweet dip or top with fruit and honey for a go-to dessert.

Whip up some homemade ricotta and put it on toast for a light appetizer. Photo Credit: Black Horse Studio

One Pot or One Pan Meals

The biggest surprise during quarantine? How many times you have to unload and reload your dishwasher. Enter the one pot meal to cut back on the mess. A few more takes here, here and here.

Give a one-pot meal a try and cut back on dishwashing time. Photo Credit: Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash


Brew your own kombucha tea and enjoy the refreshing fizzy drink whenever you please.

Kimpton twist: Experiment with flavors beyond the usual fruit variety for a more sophisticated sip. We like rosemary, mint, jalapeño, and cucumber. Or add vodka and lime for an easy Kombucha Mule.

Brew your own kombucha. Photo Credit: Klara Avsenik via Unsplash

Windowsill Gardening

It’s the perfect time to bring the garden into the kitchen. We mean planting your own ingredients. Tuber plants are relatively easy to re-grow at home. If you’ve already tried green onion (a recipe staple), garlic, lemongrass, bok choy, and ginger also root and grow similarly.

Tip: Leave roots attached and put them in a small jar with some water on a windowsill. Change the water once a week and keep roots moist.

Grow the herbs you find yourself using regularly in your windowsill. Photo Credit: Bonnie Kittle via Unsplash

Check out our 2020 Quarantine Culinary Trends (+Twists!) Infographic below!