Posted November 18, 2021

What’s Old is New Again at These Must-Shop Vintage Shops


The best thing about vintage stores? You never know what you’ll find. From shimmery sequined pants and tie-dyed crop tops to jackets lined with frilly fringe, you come to expect the unexpected. Across the U.S., funky vintage and thrift stores are brimming with clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories like you’ve never seen — and frequently at bargain prices. The next time you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe with some shoulder pads or billowy harem pants, check out these 6 one-of-a-kind stores.

Dig It Boutique, Photo by Visit OKC

IconoCLAD, Salt Lake City

Cat-lovers are sure to love Salt Lake City’s IconoCLAD, an eccentric and welcoming storefront stocked with clothes and shoes of all sizes in a bustling space — and felines. The friendly shop is home to some adorable resident cats, who sweetly jump around and nap while you peruse the racks for shoulder-padded blazers and pants lined with waist-to-ankle fringe. The layout of the store, with small sizes in the front leading to larger items towards the back, makes it easy to hone in on your ideal style, shape, and cut, with a refreshing mishmash of gender-less swag encouraging androgyny and self expression.

Your new style (and cats) are welcome at the Kimpton Monaco Salt Lake City

House of Strut, Savannah

On the edge of downtown Savannah, House of Strut is a small storefront that proves what really matters is quality over quantity. The single-room space is outfitted with clothes and accessories categorized by decade, with a particular surplus of items from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Employees are friendly and helpful in providing recommendations and ideas, as well as flattery when you try things on and put together quirky outfits. So if you somehow wind up buying neon-green disco pants, a Versace-esque blazer, and purple faux-leather pants, it’s only because House of Strut loves you.

Strut your stuff at our Kimpton Brice Hotel.

Kimpton Monaco Denver, Photo by @starkbellamy

Garage Sale, Denver

Finally, a vintage shop with a cocktail bar! Located just off Denver’s bustling 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, Garage Sale is far cooler than any garage sale you’ve seen before. The massive and overwhelming (in a good way) two-story space also just so happens to feature a large cocktail and beer bar smack in the middle of it, with a thumping playlist to accompany. Throughout the store, you’ll find wares and accessories from upwards of 40 local designers, from scorpion rings and sexy mesh shirts to rainbow-clad blazers and a surprising surplus of quirky Disney-inspired clothes.

Looking to show off your new digs? Check out Kimpton Monaco Denver. 

Tucson Thrift Shop, Tucson

Located on Tucson’s bustling Fourth Avenue, a haven for nightlife and vintage shopping, Tucson Thrift Shop is the kind of place where you sometimes can’t tell if certain items are intended as Halloween costumes or just…normal clothes. And we mean that as the highest compliment. So don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly tempted to wear a pirate-themed onesie as a casual everyday outfit. The large store also stocks a library of fun hats, necklaces, rings, and fingerless gloves, along with comfy harem pants that give us seriously chic Arabian Nights vibes.

Kimpton Palomar Phoenix, Photo by @stylemefair

Antique Sugar, Phoenix

Tucson Thrift Store isn’t the only Arizona vintage shop blowing our minds these days. In downtown Phoenix, Antique Sugar is a meticulously curated storefront that Goldilocks would feel right at home in. The variety isn’t too overwhelming, nor is it too sparse — it’s just right. Here, you’ll find everything from lederhosen and sequined tops to pastel skirts and stunning leather shirts adorned with bedazzled panthers. The offerings are strikingly unique and singular, with prices that seem too good to be true. The mark of a good vintage shop.

Sequin up and meet us at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix.

Dig It, Oklahoma City

You never know what to expect from Dig It in Oklahoma City’s artsy Plaza District. One day you might see a “live mannequin” dancing in the storefront window to ’70s music, modeling a sequined shirt and a purple scarf, while other days might reveal a fresh supply of chain belts, capes, platform shoes, and rings decorated with Troll dolls. The unpretentious storefront offers something for everyone, from funky bowling shirts to cowboy boots, along with tiki mugs, Britney Spears candles, and sunglasses in a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. You’ll definitely dig it.

Happy thrifting!


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