Posted June 17, 2016

What’s in Your Bag? 6 Healthy Travel Essentials

Travel Tips

The next time you’re packing a carry-on bag, fight the temptation to just toss in a few magazines with your boarding pass and call it a day. Bring along these essential products when you fly and you’ll land feeling refreshed and ready to go.

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Take a few moments to reboot your packing routine – then you’re ready to go. (Photo: @b.rad82)

  1. Send Germs Packing: Just because the tray table looks clean doesn’t mean that it actually is. Throw a few all-natural disinfecting wipes like these from Seventh Generation in a baggie and use them to sanitize your tray table and armrests the moment you sit down.
  2. Get Your Mist On:The air inside the cabin is super dry, so make sure you pack a hydrating mist to use on your face. We love ones full of antioxidants and hydrating water.
  3. Snack in Style: You know you’re going to need to nosh while en route, and that little bag of pretzels the flight attendants give you can seem so sad. That’s why it’s so important to BYO! While you could go the tried-and-true route and pack some raw almonds in your bag, why not bring something a little more exciting? Mamma Chia organic squeezes are grown-up versions of kids’ snack packets with squeezable fruit and veggies that contain protein, fiber, and omega-3s. Craving something green? Stock up on dehydrated veggies (kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.). Or perk up a boring airport apple with one of Justin’s almond butter packets.

    June - hero_grey_bag_R2

    Justin’s delicious nut butter packets come in tasty flavors like Maple Almond. (Photo: Justin’s.)

  4. Protect Your Skin: You’re in a flying metal tube, so why would you need sunscreen? It turns out that the windows on a plane don’t block UVA rays—the ones that can cause wrinkles and skin cancer—and the higher you are, the stronger they are. Pack wipes with an SPF of at least 30 and swipe on 30 minutes before you land.

    Airplane Wing in Flight from window, sunset sky

    Altitude brings stronger sun rays, so extra SPF can come in handy.

  5. Perk Up Plain Water: Water bottles are having a fashion heyday. To be practical and eco-friendly, tote your own bottle and fill it up at the airport. Before you leave home, throw some sliced cucumbers, mint, basil, berries, or melon chunks in the bottle to naturally flavor ho-hum water-fountain H2O.
  6. Block Out the Mayhem: Noise-canceling headphones detect ambient noises (like the loud chews coming from seat 14D) and counteract them so that you don’t hear a thing except your favorite playlist.


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  1. Marcy says:

    Justin’s Nut Butter is found in all the organic and healthy aisles in stores , yet, it has PALM OIL ADDED TO THEM. Why would one add an foreign oil to a product that already contains its own natural oil? Go to your deli section and buy store ground organic peanut butter w perhaps at most sea salt … NO PALM OIL. What was “Justin ” thinking ?