Posted February 7, 2023

What to do in Salt Lake City for Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts


Explore Salt Lake City as an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert — you decide! (Photo Credit: Craventure Media)

The beauty of Salt Lake is all around — in nature and in the surrounding buildings. (Photo Credit: Ralph Ravi Kayden)

There’s no one right or wrong way to visit Salt Lake City. So much is personal preference. If you’re an introvert? Then a packed agenda with crowded tours and busy bars could leave you depleted and exhausted. If you’re an extrovert? Then you need enough social stimulation to keep you invigorated and engaged. Happily, especially since its resurgence after hosting the Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City offers plenty for the introverts, extroverts, and even the swinging-both-ways ambiverts. (As a fellow ambivert, I feel seen.) 

 Salt Lake City for Extroverts 

For a relaxed atmosphere that’s conducive to meeting strangers, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the classic brewery tour — easy to chat, easy to mingle. Both Squatters Pub Brewery and Wasatch Brewery will do the trick. And Salt Lake City quietly built a reputation for solid live music; extroverts will find their clan at venues like The Urban Lounge, which features both underground/indie artists and national headlines. But sometimes you just want it to be easy to meet fellow travelers. This is the spirit behind the hosted evening social hour at Kimpton’s Monaco Salt Lake City, where you can make new friends without having to leave the building – because sometimes even extroverts just want to chill. 

For the extrovert, enjoy a hosted evening social hour at the Kimpton Monaco. (Photo Credit: @travelmeetsstyle)

Salt Lake City for Introverts 

This is introvert paradise! Utah is one of the most physically stunning places in the United States, full stop. You’ll find plenty of worthy nature on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, Liberty Park, or Sugar House Park. The Salt Lake City Public Library, which has roots that go back to 1898, is both visually stunning and the perfect spot for introverts to sink into a book, knock out a bit of work, or — real talk — recharge with some phone-time. Need some pure and hardcore don’t-talk-to-me vibes? Consider treating yourself to one of Salt Lake City’s many hot springs, where no one will approach you unless they are a monster. If staying at Kimpton’s Monaco Salt Lake City, you’ll find in-room yoga mats, complimentary books, and loaner bikes you can use for a much-needed solo-trip. 

For the introverts, immerse yourself in the beauty of Salt Lake City. (Photo Credit: Collin Rose)

 Salt Lake City for Ambiverts 

Local foodie tours let you have it both ways: you can choose to focus on the food and stick to yourself, or if you want to engage it’s easy to chat with the host and the group.  The ideal activity for ambiverts is something that lets you either do your own thing or easily mingle with others, and places like museums, tours, and — hear us out — bird parks fit the bill. Tracy Aviary, the largest bird park in the nation (who knew?), lets you either marvel at birds by yourself or leverage the birds as conversation-starters. And the best type of bar for ambiverts, arguably, is an intimate lounge — the kind of place where you can unwind by yourself and appreciate a perfect cocktail, or perhaps chat with fellow travelers who are on your wavelength. You’ll find exactly that at The Vault, the high-ceiling lounge that’s nestled within hotel Monaco. 

For the ambiverts: Check out the Tracy Aviary — the largest in the nation! (Photo Credit: Erick Su)

Where to stay: Kimpton’s Monaco Salt Lake City

As part of our Stay Human: Come As You Are series, we’re pulling back the layers to tailor immersive city experiences meant for all energy levels and personalities – from the most extroverted of us to the ones who prefer to sit back and observe.


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