Posted March 23, 2023

We’re Launching a “Plant Pals Program” to Brighten Your Next Stay

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The world is fractured and polarized and complicated, but on this one point we can all agree: Plants are good. They’re good for the planet, good for our bodies, good for our spirit. Studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress, improve our mental health, sharpen our productivity, and even help us feel better about our jobs

There’s no such thing as too many plants.

There’s only one real downside to plants: They’re not super mobile. If you travel with your favorite houseplants — maybe stuffed into your luggage, or peeking out of a backpack with vines dangling around your neck — you will get some strange looks from TSA. 

We’ve got you covered. 

Just in time for Earth Day, we’re thrilled to launch our new “Kimpton Plant Pals Program,” where guests can have a plant delivered directly to their room. We know that plants can improve wellness and mental health, and these have always been part of our core values.  

Let us brighten your stay with some greenery. (Photo Credit: @anglershotel)

Plants are always a good idea — even on vacation. (Photo Credit: @thecottonwoodhotel)

Here’s how it works: Just ask the front desk, and a unique plant will be delivered to your room along with a name tag, simple care instructions, and a bundle of positive energy. Easy peasy. The program is available worldwide at Kimpton hotels. (There’s no obligation, of course; if you have no interest in plants you can feel free to skip. No judgement! Or, not much judgement.)   

Bonus? These aren’t just any random plants. Many of them are locally sourced, because… obviously. And they’re specially curated by plant expert Christopher Griffin, aka Plant Kween, the non-binary author of You Grow, Gurl! and champion of inclusivity, holistic wellness, and the therapeutic power of plants.  

Plants are specially curated by Plant Kween.

And if Plant Kween selects a plant for you, it’s a good plant.

“Through caring for plants, I have learned how to better care for myself. I am better at giving myself grace, patience, and forgiveness,” Christopher writes in You Grow, Gurl! “I now understand that the healing and growth of my own heart, mind, body, and soul takes time, love, energy, and intentionality.” In other words, you’re in good hands. (Pro tip: If Plant Kween selects a plant for you, it’s a good plant.) 

Many of our hotels are sourcing plants from local nurseries to keep things green and to support small businesses. Guests at Kimpton Alton Hotel in San Francisco can request a range of native plants, including White Sage and Prickly Pear Cactus, from Blk Girls Green House, a female-owned plant and home goods shop in Oakland, California. If staying at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City, check out a Maidenhair Fern, which is native to the Midwest region and sourced from Cactus & Tropicals.

So many plants, so little time. (Photo Credit: @thecottonwoodhotel)

Those traveling internationally can enjoy English Ivy and Baby’s Tears at European locations like Kimpton Vividora Hotel in Barcelona; or Pothos, Ficus Audrey, and Chinese Evergreen plants in the Asia/Pacific region at properties like Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo.

Hope to see you soon. Because when we say we’re “going green” we mean it, quite literally. 


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  1. Aileen Vargas says:

    Absolutely love this! I am staying at the Alton in a few weeks and can’t wait to request a plant pal! Well done, Kimpton!

  2. Ruby F. says:

    We requested a plant and it was such a cute & thoughtful idea! We love the little touch! Thank you Kimpton!

  3. Kathy says:

    What is charged for this unique amenity?

  4. STEPHEN CLARE says:

    What a super thing to do.