Posted January 24, 2014

We’re Juiced!

Eat + Drink

We’re going green … and orange … and purple. Ashley Gove Photo.

Juice is hot. Once solely relegated to the breakfast table (or in the case of Juice Newton, the country-music bargain bin), fruit and vegetable juices are now busting out in a big way. Touted by everyone from TV doc Dr. Oz to Joe Cross, whose juicing journey was chronicled in the hugely popular documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, juice blends have become a first-line of disease prevention and an easy intro to a healthier lifestyle for people across the country.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are credited with assisting in weight loss, helping to boost your immune system and lowering blood pressure, among other benefits, so rolling out a brand-wide juicing program just seemed like a natural for us. It pairs nicely with our in-room yoga mats and our fleet of free PUBLIC Bikes. And that’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’re bringing fresh-pressed juice to our restaurants from coast-to-coast. Tapping the creative talent of Christian Graves, our executive chef at Jsix in San Diego — where being out of shape is practically a criminal offense — he’s developed three great recipes that are as delish as they are healthy. (Check out a juicy video of Chef Graves right here.)

Available on breakfast, lunch and pool menus, Chef Graves has come up with a trio of tasty, 16-ounce concoctions.

Being Green — A nutrient-rich combo of cucumber, celery, spinach, kale and lemon.

Beets Me — An elixir of red beets, carrots, ginger and cilantro.

Local Only — A chef’s choice that will vary by location but riff on a mixture of passion fruit, green apples, celery and kale.

As of this month, you’ll find our juices at Area 31 in Miami; Blvd 16 in Los Angeles; Cusp in La Jolla, CA; Finch & Fork in Santa Barbara, CA; Jsix in San Diego; Lustre Rooftop Garden in Phoenix; Pescatore in San Francisco; Red Owl Tavern in Philadelphia; Red Star in Portland; and Social Club in Miami. Look for the program to expand throughout the Kimpton universe in 2014.

We know it’s hard enough to stay healthy while traveling, so when you’ve got a big day ahead of you, let us be your angel of the morning and fix you up a glass of blended nourishment. Juice Newton would approve.