Posted April 24, 2020

The Ultimate Wedding Guest Etiquette & Survival Guide


Never fear, we’ve got all the wedding guest tips you need right here. Photo Credit: Lavender Bouquet Photography

‘Tis the season for wedding bells and engagements galore. You’ve RSVP’d and now you’re looking at a packed social calendar. Read on for six helpful tips on how to be a great wedding guest and survive the inevitable wedding madness in style. That’s right, this one’s dedicated to all of you guests out there.

Stick to the Registry

Your friends tying the knot are probably already roomies. That means the items on their registry are things they actually want. They’ll be thrilled to get that Crockpot they registered for vs. a surprise they’re unprepared to store. Trust us on this one!

Go Experiential

If you want to go off-registry, gift them dinner on the town so it’s an experience they can remember and enjoy. If you have a group of friends attending the wedding, pool your resources to treat them to a more indulgent weekend getaway.

Keep a Grab Bag on Hand

You might find yourself jet-setting to Seattle, New York City, or Mexico City. No matter where you are, be prepared for everything from lost luggage to unpredictable weather. For the gals, pack a go-to bag with heel savers, double-sided tape, blister block, safety pins, foldable flats, mints, eye drops, tissues and the Holy Grail: Wine Away. If you’re in the wedding party, pack an extra survival kit for the bride (or groom) to avoid day-of mishaps. They’ll heart you for it.

Look for signs at the wedding venue with directions about posting to social media. Photo Credit: Zoe Life Photography

Follow Thy Social Commandments

Major faux pas: being the FIRST person to post a photo of the bride in her wedding dress on Facebook. There’s a time and place for social media so be sure to follow the signs posted at the wedding venue and trust your gut. Make like the movies and make sure your phone’s on silent and enjoy the moment IRL. But if the happy couple is encouraging you to Insta, Snapchat and Periscope from “kiss the bride,” to “bouquet toss,” follow the hashtagging crowd.

Making a Speech? Keep It Short & Sweet

Whether you’re the best man, maid-of-honor, or you decide to make a last-minute toast, keep it punchy and congratulatory. 60 seconds is plenty of time for a funny quip about how you two met. Always remember to bring it back to their significant other. Don’t get stuck reminiscing about the good ol’ days and exclude the other guests from your inside jokes. We’ve ALL been there.

Think Thoughtful

Even if you’re not part of the wedding party, these are “all hands on deck” occasions. Help grandma to her seat, get the couple glasses of water to survive the champagne toasts and if you’re an amateur photog, package up your favorite candid shots in a photo album for an unexpected post-nuptial gesture.

But most importantly, have fun! Loosen the tie, kick up your heels and remember that your friends and family wanted you to share in their Big Day.

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