Posted April 20, 2020

Announce Your Engagement (and Break the Internet) With These Cool Photo Ideas


Congrats! You’re engaged. Now what? Let your nearest and dearest know with a great photo—one that will take the Internet by storm. That means no ordinary pose, smile, point and shoot. You’ll have Instagram or Facebook gold if you take a creative, out-of-the-box pic.

Our hotels host thousands of weddings a year and we’re inspired by memorable, stylish ideas. So we gathered the best examples from bloggers and photographers to spark your imagination. Try these ideas out yourself and get ready for the likes, comments, and heart eye emojis to roll in. Just be sure to let your families and closest friends know the news first!


Your friends will stop dead in their Instagram scroll if you try this cool photo idea. Photo Credit: Paul Wharton

Let your smartphones speak.
What do you get when you put two photos together using your smartphones? A totally sweet couples’ pic. This newly engaged couple ups the ante by having a photographer take a photo of them holding the smartphones. How very meta—and magical.

Whit Bloody Mary Ring Selfie

Take a ring selfie.
A sparkling little twist on the selfie—put your ring front and center, and let it star in your photo. Nobody will miss the message that you are engaged. Make sure to get a manicure first, or DIY one, to get the best results. For extra fun, consider something with sparkles.


Don’t be shy about flaunting your wedding invitation before it hits the mail. Photo Credit: Wesley Vorster

Show off your wedding invitation.
So, you’ve kept things hush-hush. Already went and planned your big day, without anybody being the wiser? Let everyone in the loop—by giving them a glance at your invitation. Then let the demands to be invited pour in. Plus, get inspired by these planning tips for creating a small, intimate wedding.


Taking a photo of the shadow you cast as a couple is a creative alternative to the usual engagement photo. Photo Credit: Ron Soliman

Do shadow play.
You can’t hide in the shadows on your wedding day. So take the chance while you have it — find the perfect sunshine and capture a photo of how it captures your beautiful silhouettes.

Ready to plan the perfect party to celebrate your engagement? Check out these fun new engagement party trends! Plus get inspired by these sustainable wedding ideas and charitable favors and registry ideas.


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