Posted February 3, 2020

#WeddingWednesday: 5 Trends to Try


Weddings are all about tradition. The rings. The vows. The bouquet toss. The never-ending toasts. But at Kimpton we believe that weddings are also about breaking the mold. As the trendsetters, we love to create new things, especially where food and cocktails are concerned. Our wedding pros at our hotels coast to coast have scoped out 5 trends to try on your big day this year.

1. Go natural and refreshing with decor.
No need to overdo it. Let nature be your muse. Try linen-less tables, single flowers in bud vases (vary their heights for dramatic effect), twigs, greens and terrariums. Even your table runners can be made from greenery and florals. Get creative — go with organic flow. Your tables and chairs don’t have to be match-matchy, either. Mix styles, sizes and even bring furniture into the scheme and create lounge-like vignettes.

outpost table2. Bring on the brunch!
Nighttime isn’t the only time for a wedding reception. Celebrate in plain daylight for a refreshing change of pace. We recommend an elegant brunch where a craft-your-own Bellini and Bloody Mary bar are the stars. Another option: a panini press station where your guests can customize their own melted creation.

Champagne Cart.jpg

3. Pop open a personalized cocktail
Create your own signature craft cocktail including your favorite ingredients and infuse the story of your romance into your reception. Toast the evening by passing around your custom libation and also have it bottled individually so your guests can take it home and enjoy it in your honor.


4. Create buzz with spike-it stations.
Elevate that regular cup of coffee with cordials that you can mix in. You can also keep fixings like shaved chocolate and fresh whipped cream at the ready. Everyone will have a blast creating their own hot, boozy creation as the night goes on.

5. Plan a second round of food — close to midnight.
Serving late-night bites always gets cheers, especially after the bar closes in the hotel. Even if your ceremony is over, reserve a hospitality suite in the hotel and have catering send up passed night cap cocktails and bites such as Kobe beef sliders, French fries cones with spicy ketchup, mac & cheese bites and mini hot dogs. Because nothing says “The party isn’t over” like throwback classics to create a pop up “street vendor” vibe.


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