Posted October 1, 2020

The Sporting Life

Kimpton Buzz

Ah, fall … when a sports fan’s fancy turns to the baseball playoffs … and college football … and the NFL … and the NBA … and pro hockey.

If you can’t get enough of batting, base running, tackling, passing, swishing, swooshing and checking, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Hey, we’re fans, too, which is why some of our hotels offer packages with sports junkies in mind.

The Alexis Hotel in Seattle, for instance, pays homage to the beloved Seattle Seahawks football team and their fans, who are fondly referred to as the 12th Man. The hotel has a 12th Man package that includes discounted valet parking (the stadium is walking distance), cocktails and throat lozenges. That last item might seem a little strange, but on Sept. 15 Seahawk fans set the Guinness world record for loudest stadium in sports history. As in ever. Of course, who knows how rocking the Colosseum got when the gladiators were going at it, but the new mark of 136.6 decibels (pain is said to start at 125 decibels) is mighty impressive.

In Baltimore, at the Hotel Monaco, the Baltimore Ravens are saluted in a style appropriate to their status as the defending Super Bowl champions. The Ravens Purple Pride Package features free team swag at check-in, a “Hail Mary” specialty cocktail in the bar, and at wine hour, the living room is bathed in team-color mood lighting, which pairs nicely with the purple sangria.

Of course, we want you to be more than just a spectator, so we’ve got lots of packages to get you out and moving (not to mention our fleet of PUBLIC bikes at every Kimpton).

• If you’re running the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 13, look no further than the Hotel Palomar … you can get a 20 percent discount for that weekend.

• Or maybe golfing is more your thing. The Palomar in perennially sunny San Diego can hook you up with a tee time at the prestigious La Costa links, followed by a couple cocktails at our Saltbox restaurant.

• And not to be outdone, Santa Barbara’s Canary Hotel offers an Outdoor Enthusiast package that connects you with a pro instructor for surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or mountain biking. Whew … kind of exhausting just listing those.

So whether you want to push your limits or just root, root, root for the home team, we’ve got just the ticket.


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