Posted May 7, 2014

The Case of the Onyx Hotel’s Excellent Enhancements

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What do Sherlock Holmes and a Bostonian have in common? Wicked smarts? Check. Astute logic? Yup. The ability to sport a deerstalker hat outside of deer stalking? Well, not quite yet.

So it shouldn’t be a huge mystery that the case-cracker and Boston itself were muses in the recent multimillion-dollar renovation of the Onyx Hotel. The hotel is located in the North End, one of the country’s most historic neighborhoods, featuring sites like Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church. And we’re pretty sure an old Victorian Londoner like Holmes would feel right at home walking these streets.

The makeover to our 112-room boutique hotel was done by Group One, a Boston-based architecture and interior design firm. Every guest room, the lobby, and Ruby Room Lounge have been refreshed for a more seamless flow. Come on in — it’s light and airy, like springtime in Boston (also finally here, whew!).


Check out our check-in front desk.

When you step inside, your first clue that you’re in for a stylish treat is the modernist front desk, along with a wall fixture made from strings of gold-glass baubles. Our living room lobby is now more open and filled with new teak tables, art and a communally large white-leather ottoman. Meanwhile, the Ruby Room, the Onyx Hotel’s on-site restaurant and lounge, is a study in scarlet. You’ll uncover culinary gems among the red-leather accents and a dramatic new bar with mother-of-pearl and golden Murano glass highlights.

After a full day of Boston Red Sox cheering, museum hopping, or taking one of our complimentary bikes for a scenic spin, you can retire to your updated guest room. Each now features a palette of cool grays and deep reds highlighting the brand-new bedding, along with graphically bold black-and-white carpet, and art that salutes our mystery man’s pipe-smoking profile. Then fire up your devices at the new crimson writing desk — perfect for shooting off covert messages — and just be glad you have a smartphone and not an oversized magnifying glass.

Want to see what it takes to transform a guest room? Take a look at this time-lapse video:


— Stacy Suaya


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