Posted November 14, 2020

The Best Fall Activities in DC For the Whole Family


If you don’t think of Washington D.C. as one of the country’s best fall destinations, then you’re doing autumn all wrong. Because the advent of cool temps and dramatic foliage brings with it the launch of some of the city’s most exciting cultural events, and this year is no exception. Whether you’re primed for Latin cuisine or a new cultural scene, here are four ways to make your time in the nation’s capital count. 

Take in a show at the Kennedy Center

New in 2019, the REACH expansion adds performance spaces and more to the Kennedy Center. Image Credit: iStock

A round of applause, please, as the iconic Kennedy Center debuts its first-ever expansion. The REACH addition includes acres of classrooms, rehearsal spaces, a new restaurant, and outdoor movie and concert arenas; making it one of the most interactive arts & culture complexes in the country. 

Enjoy Latin American fare at La Cosecha

La Cosecha weaves together Latin American culture, history, design and eclectic tastemakers into a vibrant marketplace and cultural embassy. Image Credit: @mojalvo

La Cosecha is a mouthwatering, eye-popping market, food hall, and cultural exhibition site that sits just two blocks from Union Market. From vegan Bolivian food to a brick and mortar home for the Peruvian Brothers’ food truck, this 20k square foot gathering place unites chefs, artisans, designers and entrepreneurs in a celebration of both international and local Latin communities. 

Take in the town from the Washington Monument

Sure, mountain vistas are great, but the Washington Monument has a new elevator that will deliver equally great views without all the footwork. . Image Credit: Tiraya Adam

And if you’re someone who loves to score a scenic view of your destination we’ve got the perfect one in mind. No we didn’t say mountain, we said monument which, frankly, is a lot better than a mountain because: elevators. The Washington Monument elevator is back in business and is now sweeping visitors 500 feet up to the observation level of what just may be the most recognizable symbol in the nation.

Take the Kids to the National Children’s Museum

And you didn’t really think we forgot those adorable kiddos, did you? The 33,000-square-foot National Children’s Museum opens this November, one block from the National Mall. Their goal is to inspire little ones to care about and change the world. Which is pretty much the best thing ever except, of course, for The Bubble Room, where gigantic bubbles make everything else in life sound just a little less fun.

—Susan McDowell


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