Posted March 8, 2011

Tattoo Spy: Mike Ryan’s Armful of Bacon

Eat + Drink

We know. That’s some seriously awesome ink.

The design – done by Chicago tattoo artist Esther Garcia – features three 3-D looking strips colored in realistic reds and browns. The reason for it is simple, according to Mike: “I love bacon. It’s an expression of everything that’s good in life.”

His fiancée also has a bacon tattoo. “Hers looks like a landscape, with snow peas and straw mushrooms stacked above the bacon,” says Mike.

Mike is considering getting a second tattoo of the logo of cult-fave Chicago hot dog spot Hog Doug’s. “It’s where I proposed to my girlfriend … and our favorite restaurant in the city.” The Hot Doug’s owner has famously promised that anyone getting a tattoo of his logo will receive free hot dogs for life.

To that we say: Go hog wild, Mike.

Taste Mike Ryan’s classic cocktails at Sable Kitchen & Bar, 505 N. State Street in Chicago. For more info, call 312-755-9704 or go to


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  1. KrizzyM says:

    It’s time to contemplate the bombastic power of bacon ink to spice up your current look. In our day and age, these searing patterns are filled with significant meaning. This is maybe the only tattoo that Ron Swanson would approve of. I wanted this Mike Ryan tattoo and hope to modify it soon at