Posted October 13, 2020

Support Small Business and Local Purveyors on Your Next Trip

Eat + Drink

One of the most exciting and memorable aspects of travel is immersing yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting—everything from discovering one-of-a-kind artisans to tasting fresh, farm-to-table regional foods to enjoying unique local wines. We love fully giving into the sense that adventure awaits just around the corner and being ready to dive in headfirst to that destination.

At Kimpton, each of our hotels and restaurants is influenced by the tastes, colors, landscape, and charms of the city. Locally influenced design, art and food met with our signature heartfelt hospitality is what guests have come to know and love from Kimpton over the decades. To further bring to light all that a destination has to offer, we pride ourselves on partnering locally.

Not only is this a more sustainable and eco-friendly practice, but it allows travelers to immerse themselves in local culture from the moment they check into the hotel. No matter which property you visit or which restaurant you dine in, our staff will proudly share details on our local partners that embody a little slice of life and the local economy in each neighborhood.

Here are some cool local offerings you can get excited about while planning your next trip.

Local Ingredients to Elevate Your Dining Experience

Angeline’s and Merchant & Trade at Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel in Charlotte teamed up with Harmony Ridge Farms and Glory Farm—a small organic farm in Chester, South Carolina that provides seasonal produce. The team also sources ingredients from their own private gardens, including chanterelle mushrooms, rhubarb, fiddlehead greens and herbal flowers to create sustainable and organic dishes.

Bambara and The Vault at Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City work with Salt Lake-based Frog Bench Farms for high-end vegetables, flowers, microgreens and herbs. The team also prides itself on serving some of the freshest fish in the middle of the mountains from their partnership with locally-owned Aquarius Fish.

Rows upon rows of fresh produce at Frog Bench Farms in Salt Lake City.

Nothing says Nashville more than authentic BBQ and Henley, alongside partner Bear Creek Farm, sources the best beef and pork in the region. For a post-dinner treat, check out the House Barrel Whiskey Program from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery.

Blue skies overhead at Green Brier Distillery in Nashville.

Cheers to Keeping it Local (and Craft)

Lustre in downtown Phoenix works with Mother Road Brewing Company in Flagstaff, serving the Conserve and Protect Kolsch Style Ale that donates to the Arizona Game and Fish Department to help with wildlife conservation efforts.

Citizen Rail in Denver proudly offers 14 tap handles, all from different Colorado breweries. No national producers included in this lineup!

Fill your glass with a local favorite brew from 4 Sons Brewery in Huntington Beach.

In Huntington Beach, locally-loved hangout Pacific Hideaway teamed up with 4 Sons Brewery for a specialty brew. Sailfish Brewery in Vero Beach, Florida provides Cobalt with a “Cobalt Brew,” rotating every two kegs to always give visitors a taste of something completely new.

The Sunrise City IPA, part of the Sailfish Brewery lineup. Photo Credit: Sailfish Brewery.

Supporting Local Artists

In Los Angeles, The Kimpton Everly is proud of its ongoing relationship with local theater company Shakespeare on the Deck which stages engaging, interactive performances on property.

Shakespeare on the Deck’s performance of ‘Measure for Measure’ at The Kimpton Everly. Photo Credit: Hugh McNair and Kat Landreth.

Bambara Cambridge at Kimpton Marlowe Hotel works with Ogusky Ceramics & Design Studio, an established local potter who creates the plateware for the restaurant.

Everything looks better on a beautiful backdrop from Ogusky Ceramics. Photo Credit: Tina Picz.

These are just a few examples of locally sought and secured partnerships between our restaurants, hotels and the purveyors and entertainers in their respective cities. The next time you dine or stay with us, ask the staff: “what local partnerships do you have here?” We think you’ll hear some pretty cool stories.


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