Posted August 6, 2012

Strike a Pose at Hotel Palomar Phoenix


To do hot yoga, you normally need a temperature-controlled room set to a blazing 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But not at Hotel Palomar Phoenix at CityScape! On Wednesdays at 7 p.m. for the rest of summer they’re using their third-floor outdoor pool deck as a ready-made hot yoga studio.

Soak up the sun (last we checked, it was beating down at 101 degrees Fahrenheit) and go through the strengthening, toning motions of Hot Asana. Each class is led by a guest teacher from a local yoga studio, so no workout is exactly the same.

To add to the fun, LUSTRE Bar, the rooftop bar adjacent to the pool deck, features a secret signature cocktail each week named after the guest instructor’s studio. In the days prior to the class, anyone has the chance to guess the name of the cocktail on Hotel Palomar Phoenix’s Facebook page; whoever comes up with the correct answer receives a $50 gift card at LUSTRE.

Sounds like a refreshing way to end a warm – and fitness-filled – day. Hope to see you there!

Get into Eagle Pose at Hotel Palomar Phoenix at CityScape, 2 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix (602-253-6633 or


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