Posted December 22, 2022

Staycation Tips for the “Dead Week” between Christmas and New Years

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What’s the most magical time of the year? Nope, not Christmas. Although that’s close. The most magical time is the “dead week” between Christmas and New Years, where your coworkers have checked out, gone on vacation, and kicked most projects and deadlines into January. This is a week to savor. Work is slow and the time is yours. Especially if you’re “stuck” at home while everyone else is traveling, this is a time to leverage the quiet and give a gift to yourself.

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel, Photo by @misislepore

10 tips for your dead week staycation:

1. Pretend you’re a tourist for a day.
Seriously. You can skip the foam Statue of Liberty crown, but look at the city with new and curious eyes — if you were just in town for a brief visit, what attractions would you see? What’s something touristy that you’ve secretly wanted to do, but would never dare suggest to your friends? This is the week to make it happen. (No judgement.)

2. Attend a weeknight concert.
Try a new genre, indulge in some nostalgia, or splurge on posh seats. If the show goes late and you’re groggy the next morning? Who cares, you’re the only one in the office!

3. Snag that coveted dinner ressie.
It’s a slow week for many restaurants; their loss is your gain.

Kimpton Angler’s Hotel, Photo by @janetphann

4. Soak up inspiration at your local art museum.
Get a jump on New Year’s resolutions. Starting on January 1st, millions of people will commit to being more culturally adventurous — they’ll resolve to visit more museums and see more art. Why wait? Enter the new year with cultural momentum.

5. Look to score a mid-week deal.
Business travel is slow this week, meaning you can score the occasional hotel deal. Pamper yourself. There’s something therapeutic about staying at a hotel in your own city, especially when you have no pressing commitments or engagements. Bonus? Take advantage of the hotel’s cozy amenities — complimentary wine hour in the lobby and hot cocoa bars, for example, are Kimpton signature stables.

6. Devour a book.
You finally have time to sink into that book that’s languished on your nightstand. Get lost in it. Binge reading >>>> binge watching.

Kimpton Aysla Mallorca

7. Catch up with an old friend
Before the year is out, think about someone important in your life that you haven’t spoken to in a long, long time. Call them. You’ll begin the year with a nourished friendship.

8. Consider a sitter.
If the little ones make all of this untenable? This is the ideal time to sort a sitter on the cheap. Lean on visiting relatives — they’ll jump at the chance — or leverage apps like Wyndy or UrbanSitter to give you a much-needed break.

9. Take an absurdly long lunch.
Lunch dessert? Why not. Lunch cocktails? Absolutely. If you’re back to your desk in less than two hours you’ve done it wrong.

10. Set travel goals for the next year.
This is a week to contemplate, to reflect, and to think about what you want to do next year… and where you want to do it. It’s a time to make some “New Years (Travel) Resolutions,” and we can help you get started right here.


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