Posted October 1, 2015

So Doggone Cool: Adopting a Shelter Dog

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You probably know our not-so-secret secret: We adore dogs. Adooooore them. And our guests do, too! Just check out our recent Facebook thread where we asked our followers to share pictures of their pooches. What’s more, we have Directors of Pet Relations at our hotels.

Shelter dogs happen to have an extra-special place in our hearts. Read on for tales from Kimpton employees about the shelter dogs that have won their hearts and brought people together in wild, wonderful ways.

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HARRISON – Mike Hill, Hotel Manager, Hotel Monaco Seattle
Seven years ago, my wife and I adopted our pup from the Minneapolis Humane Society. His name is Harrison, after George from The Beatles (although I admit Han Solo is pretty rad, too) and he was just six months at time. Everyone always asks us what kind of dog he is and they try guessing. We actually don’t know so we always respond that he is a handsome one! He now has a little buddy, our one year old son, to keep him busy as well.

Chewy Pamela Andrews 70 Park


CHEWY – Pamela Andrews, Assistant Director of Finance
We rescued our second dog Chewy two years ago. I can assure you that no one has taught me more about patience, kindness, and genuine love than Chewy.  Even after being abused and roaming the mean streets of South Bend, Indiana, this little guy refuses to give up on people and loves everyone he meets. Unless you’re riding a scooter. Chewy hates scooters.



ISLA – Erica Peterson, Assistant General Manager, Sir Francis Drake Hotel
My husband convinced (begged) me to bring a street dog home from a little island way out in the Mexican Carribean. We took this poor dog on a ferry, two cab rides, and two plane rides back to Arizona. When we took her to the vet, it turns out she was pregnant with 10 puppies. We raised all the puppies and 13 weeks later, all were adopted out to friends and family. Our free Mexican street dog turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives together. The mom is named Isla after the island we brought her home from – Isla Mujeres.

Shelby Kate from Monaco Philly


SHELBY – Kate McCone, Staff Accountant
Shelby adopted me 8 years ago, and she is the most loving and loyal dog. When most dog owners are expecting a new baby, they are concerned about the dog’s reaction to the new addition. I held these concerns myself. But from day one (and still 6 years later) Shelby has been the protector, second mother, and best friend to my daughter Madalyn.

Daisy Chihuahua Elena Hudson City Sales Mgt Mid Atlantic


DAISY – Elena Hudson, City Sales Manager
Since I adopted her in October 2011, Daisy has come with me to visit 13 Kimpton hotels in 7 Kimpton locations. We’ve lived in 3 different apartments and 2 different cities. We’ve been through new jobs (granted, that was me) and breakups (ok – me, too)… and every step of the way, Daisy has been right by my side (or right under my pillow – her favorite place to sleep. Here’s Daisy at the Nine Zero in Boston.

Roxy Melissa Deacon Dir Guest Services Hotel Monaco Denver


ROXY – Melissa Deacon, Director of Guest Services, Hotel Monaco Denver
Meet Roxy, my terrier mix. She was actually staying at Hotel Monaco Denver when her owner explained to me that she was a Christmas gift for her kids just days ago. She started tearing up as she explained that her son was terribly allergic to her and she was needing a new home. I adopted on the spot. What’s great is that the family still comes by and stays with us so they can see their former pet enjoying her new hotel life.

Now YOUR turn — in the Comments below, tell us about your furry friend and how he or she entered your life!

Updated November 3, 2015