Posted December 7, 2015

Snowy Beats, Cool Treats: Hotel Van Zandt Winter Playlist


Winter’s coming – are you ready? We believe that music sets the mood and cures all blues. And that philosophy is shared by our new Hotel Van Zandt in Austin. In between planning live concerts and curating tunes for the hotel, its Director of Music & Social Programming, Lauren Bucherie, came up with a Winter playlist for Life is Suite.

Says Lauren, “When I thought about Winter, what came to mind was a blazing fireplace, a long drive and seat warmers, and bundling up with a loved one and some wine.”

Hope you enjoy Winter in the way you love best. And bring these tunes on Spotify along for the ride! You can just click on the arrow to play them — just make sure you’ve downloaded Spotify first.

Tell us: What’s your favorite wintery tune?


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  1. Nikhil says:

    This music is so peaceful, and soothing. Thanks Kimpton.