Posted May 23, 2014

Sleeping With the Artist at Hotel Palomar Chicago


Get FRESH in Hotel Palomar Chicago's Artist Suite.

Get FRESH in Hotel Palomar Chicago’s Artist Suite.

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to sleep with an artist. But for whatever reason — maybe monogamy? — you haven’t had the opportunity. Thanks to Hotel Palomar Chicago’s Sleeping With the Artist series, guests can get up close and personal with art in a way that keeps things wholesome and … normal.

Art is a special component at Hotel Palomar Chicago, drawing from the hotel’s “Art in Motion” theme, and the art-centric River North neighborhood. As part of the Palomar’s Sleeping With the Artist program, the hotel features an array of local artistry displayed on three floors of the property. By featuring the handiwork of local artists across its walls, the hotel offers guests the opportunity to essentially sleep with artists all around them. It’s an aesthetically immersive experience that celebrates up-and-coming artists and their creative spirit.


Earlier this month, Hotel Palomar Chicago hosted an event to celebrate the latest installation of artwork in partnership with Revolving Collections Gallery, as well as unveil the exclusive Artist Suite mural. It’s an entrancing creation made by street artist FRESH, newly on display in the quintessential destination for all things “sleeping with artists”-related. To inaugurate the mural and the other artistic additions throughout the hotel, Palomar Chicago hosted attendees for tours, followed by a ballroom reception with wine and cocktails, the best bedfellows for an evening of artistic engagement. After intros from hotel GM Nabil Moubayed and Laura Cartwright from Revolving Collections Gallery, each artist spoke briefly about their work. Check out this video about FRESH’s installation:

While FRESH prefers a Banksy-like level of anonymity and intrigue, with works featured throughout Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods, his calling card is the juxtaposition of themes such as organic vs. brand name, spiritual vs. commercial, and stylism vs. realism. Other less anonymous artists contributing to Palomar Chicago’s latest installations include Doug Fogelson, a gent renowned for his photographic manipulations, and Ryan Ewart, a fine art photog and poet.


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