Posted December 9, 2014

Sleeping with the Artist (Again) at Palomar Chicago

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Sleeping With the Artist

From left, artists Tracee Badway and Jonee Cocchia, Laura Cartwright Rashid of Revolving Collections Gallery, Hotel Palomar GM Nabil Moubayed, DIY Network star Alison Victoria, and artist Sarah Raskey.

The affair is heating up. It’s getting serious. It’s too good to stop. Hopefully your mind didn’t go right down the gutter, because we’re talking about Hotel Palomar Chicago’s ongoing Sleeping With the Artist series.

Sleeping With the Artist

A self-portrait by Tracee Badway, part of the Sleeping With the Artist program.

Art is a vital element at the Palomar, where “Art in Motion” serves as the theme, laying the groundwork for a vividly creative atmosphere throughout the hotel. Not to mention that the hotel is situated in the heart of Chicago’s artsy River North neighborhood. For the Sleeping with the Artist series, we showcase local artists in compelling new ways, highlighting work across three floors. And so where does the “sleeping” come in, you wonder? It’s because when guests sleep in the hotel, they’ll be surrounded by artists’ work, essentially sleeping with their creations. It’s a unique, personalized way to celebrate local burgeoning talent.

The latest illustrious installation launched in October, with an event that kicked off Chicago Artist Month and Chicago Fashion Week. The evening was a partnership with Revolving Collections Gallery and interior designer and DIY Network star Alison Victoria, highlighting fashion, design and more, while allowing guests to get intimate with the art (in non-sordid ways).

New works for Sleeping with the Artist include pieces by Sarah Raskey, Tracee Badway and Jonee Cocchia, whose creations wowed guests. There was also a fashion show from local designer Cortney Rhodes of Rho Silk and local jewelry designer Fiona Rose; there were also nail designs by local designer manicurist Astrowifey and a raffle. The whole thing was basically a nexus of creative expression, a Chicago-centric carnival of artistry and crafts. Now that’s what we call art in motion.


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