Posted May 16, 2011

Randall Reese, Jsix Waiter

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We’re all about spreading smiles here at Life Is Suite. That’s why we’d like you to meet Randall Reese. He’s been a waiter at San Diego’s Jsix restaurant for nearly three years and quickly became a guest favorite.

We caught up with Randall and he dished on a few of his favorite things, including why his grin is so contagious.

We hear a lot of people ask for you by name. How’d you get so popular?
Good question. I would guess that it’s because I am passionate about what we do at Jsix, genuinely care about our guests, and do whatever I can to ensure that they have an amazing dining experience.

What’s a typical night like for you?
Getting prepared is key … knowing our specials, events, menu changes. I take a look at OpenTable to see who’s coming in to dine with us that night.  Once I’m prepared and have a general idea of what’s going on, I just try to stay in the moment and be myself.

What’s your favorite thing that executive chef Christian Graves cooks?
Most definitely our petite fillet of beef.  I’m a sucker for steak and potatoes, but this dish takes it to the limit with creamy whipped mashed potatoes; a Portobello mushroom cap that’s been sauteed in balsamic vinegar and red wine, then finished off on the grill; an organic Brandt beef fillet cooked to perfection on top of that; a topping of herbed butter and crostini; and a red wine reduction around the plate. It’s easy to see why it’s my favorite.

Do your guests ever ask you for recommendations on what to do when they’re in town?
Of course, all the time.

What do you tell them?
Well, it’s different for each person. I try to figure out what they’re looking for and give them a few ideas. Otherwise, I advise them to talk to our front desk staff (which is amazing and very knowledgeable), or tell them to pick up a San Diego CityBeat, a free publication that has some of the best up-to-date info on concerts, adventures, and other happenings going on here.

What’s the most memorable table you ever had?
The first one that comes to mind was just this last week. It was a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. They were so much fun to talk to. They had a ton of questions, which is great (it usually gives me a better idea on how to help guide you through your dining experience). I felt so honored to have been able to make their very special occasion a dinner to remember. I can’t wait to see them next year!

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not waiting tables?
I love going to shows to hear live music, traveling, reading, cycling, and trying new things. Just to name a few.

Stop by and say “hello” to Randall at Jsix, 616 J Street, San Diego (619-531-8744 or


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