Posted December 1, 2010

Quiz: What’s Your Wine Personality?

Eat + Drink

Winter is coming! This always signals a shift in my wine collection from crisp whites to rich reds. But the world of reds is large, so where can you start?

Pair a wine with your personality. I created a quiz to help you find out which bottle you should cozy up with this season.

When it is snowing outside, I…

  1. Pop popcorn, put on a film, and invite the neighborhood over for a party.
  2. Dream of warmer places and wait it out.
  3. Build a roaring fire and re-read my favorite books.
  4. Confirm the whereabouts of my shovel and ice scraper so I won’t be late for work in the morning.
  5. Go outside and make snow angels and snowmen.

If I could excel at one winter sport it would be…

  1. Ice hockey.
  2. Winter biathlon: a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.
  3. Downhill skiing.
  4. Figure skating.
  5. Extreme snowboarding.

My favorite DVDs to pop in on a cold night are…

  1. Action-packed thrillers that get my heart pumping no matter how any times I watch them.
  2. I’ll watch anything.
  3. Classic films in black and white. And I have to watch Miracle on 34th Street at least twice in the season.
  4. Documentaries produced by the History Channel.
  5. Foreign and indie films.

My dream winter travel destination is…

  1. Aspen, for skiing.
  2. Hawaii, Australia, Mexico … anywhere warmer than here.
  3. The family cabin in the mountains.
  4. Manhattan in January! Everyone knows that the best sales are right after the holidays.
  5. A secret little chalet in the Swiss Alps.

When I’m on a ski vacation…

  1. You can’t get me off the slopes. It’s all about the snow and the speed.
  2. I love to be somewhere where the skiing is good, but so are the restaurants and the shopping.
  3. I prefer to bundle up by the fire with spiked apple cider.
  4. I have my season pass ready and snacks packed so I can ski all day without wasting time off of the slopes.
  5. My carbon-fiber skis are polished and I am stoked to show off my new Ferrari ski boots.

My favorite winter foods are…

  1. Wine and cheese during a party around the fire.
  2. Good food is good food. If it’s tasty, I eat it, no mater what the season is.
  3. My summer canned tomatoes to make spaghetti and meatballs for the family.
  4. Big hearty stews that taste better as I eat them all week long.
  5. Heartwarming, spicy cuisine like Moroccan tagine.

Results! Here’s what you should be drinking.

If you answered mostly 1, then you should be drinking Australian Shiraz. This wine is big and in your face. You are friendly, social, and gregarious.

If you answered mostly 2, then give California Meritage a try. This wine is a blend of up to five different varietals. You hate to commit to one thing because you like it all! You find variety to be the spice of life.

If you answered mostly 3, then head straight for the Italian aisle. Chianti is a great classic wine. You have an old-world sensibility and find joy in traditions.

If you answered mostly 4, you should be drinking Cotes-du-Rhone from France. The wine is a little softer in style with a touch of earthiness. You are old school, understated, and practical. Flashiness does not impress you.

If you answered mostly 5, then stand back world! You should be drinking Malbec from Argentina. This wine is on fire! Malbec is the cool kid on the block and it appeals to exotic, modern, and adventurous people like you.

Enjoy the season!

Photo: Chris Guillen

–Emily Wines


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