Posted September 4, 2014

Planning a Holiday Party? We Make it Easy


whiskey and fruit

Summer’s come to an official close, but there’s probably still some sand in your shoes. Maybe you’re even still nursing a sunburn. So forgive us for dropping an “H” bomb on you.

That would be the “Holidays.”

Yup, the days are getting shorter, the temps are starting to get cooler, and the next thing you know, Halloween (the other “H” bomb) will be here and the holiday party train will be pulling out of the station. And then it’s hello, 2015.

So for all you kind, generous folks out there who organize seasonal get-togethers for the rest of us (or if you just happened to draw the short stick this year), we’re here to help you get the jump on planning a holiday party.

Dessert tray

Whether it’s an office soiree, a family reunion, or a New Year’s Eve party, our restaurants and hotels have a package all tied up for you. A craft cocktail party with seasonal shared plates? No problem. A formal sit-down dinner or farm-to-table buffet? Slam-dunk. Trapeze artists and fireworks? Yup, we’ve done it before.

And if you plan on making especially merry, we can offer you some relief: Up to 20 percent off our best available rate the night of your party for any of your guests at the hotel where your event is being held.

So for more details, click here and then sit back and enjoy the holidays along with the rest of us.


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