Posted March 14, 2022

Party On: Top Tips for Themed Parties that Wow


Psst… Come a little closer, because we’re about to spill the secret that elevates events from “meh” to memorable. Any guesses? It’s simple: You need a killer theme.

After years (yes… years) of Zoom happy hours and hybrid meetings, we’re all excited to gather in-person again. This means social calendars are filling up again, too. If you want your event to stand out, you need a theme that gets guests excited to attend – and keeps them talking, long after the champagne stops flowing. You know we love a good party at Kimpton, so read on for our top tips for delivering an epic event, including theme ideas that will “wow” your guests.

Choosing the Perfect Theme

Half the fun of hosting a themed event for your team is the sense of community through sharing the experience together. When it comes to choosing a theme for your next company party or corporate event, get creative and give your guests plenty of room to play. Some of our clients’ most-loved themes include: Neon everything, steampunk sci-fi, Clue or murder mystery, speakeasy, Havana nights, Miami Vice, totally 80s,and yacht rock.

Pro Tip: Pick a theme you can creatively apply to different areas of your event, from your food & beverage to interactive programming.

Incorporating Your Theme

The best parties incorporate the theme throughout the event. From cozy private dining rooms to grand ballrooms, Kimpton’s unique venue spaces offer the perfect setting for all kinds of parties, whether you’re hosting a small-group murder mystery dinner or an extravagant night at the Casino Royale.

With your decked-out venue setting the scene, the next step is a playful food and drink menu. Your theme is your guide. Go glamorous in Old Hollywood with dainty canapés and elegant entrées, or keep it casual under the Big Tent with circus faves like popcorn and corn dogs. Think about popular ingredients from that place or time, like rum cocktails for Havana Nights or a build-your-own Old Fashioned bar for your Prohibition party. If you’re having a hard time finding food and drinks that fit, try using a little creative wordplay when naming your menu items instead.

Creating Memorable Moments

Great parties are not made on décor and drinks alone. From the moment your guests arrive, programming and interactive experiences take your event to the next level – and keep attendees raving about it long after the “last call.”

Live music is a great way to do this. Whether it’s a jazz singer or a 70’s soft rock cover band, bringing in local performers adds a special element to any event. Other themed programming could include salsa dancing, an interactive graffiti wall, an artist painting in real-time, a silent disco, even live chef stations… truly, the only limit is your imagination.

Pro Tip: As a rule of thumb, ask yourself, is the moment “Insta-worthy?”– would I be excited to share this? If the answer is a resounding YES!, chances are, your guests will love it, too.

When you have the right theme, anything is possible. Get in touch with our party pros and elevate your next event.


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