Posted March 21, 2012

Our Salt Lake City Manager Has Skateboarding Skills

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We love uncovering our employees’ hidden talents. Even more fun is sharing them with you here on Life is Suite. (Remember Chef Nathan Powers and his antelope hunting expeditions?)

Now we’re psyched to introduce you to Guy Wheelwright, general manager of Bambara in Salt Lake City. In addition to running the show alongside chef Nathan Powers at the restaurant, Guy rides longboards (they’re like skateboards, only longer and meant for fast descents, even on grass). Not only that, but Guy actually makes his own longboards, as well as custom ones for private clients.

Guy makes a longboard in his workshop.

“I’ve been riding since I was a kid and got back into it on a fluke,” says Guy. “While we were renovating {at Bambara}, our parking lot was along way from the restaurant and I saw one of our managers, Steve Quesenberry, get out his skateboard and ride into work. I thought, What a great idea – I want to do that! So I went out and bought one.”

Once Guy realized the construction of a longboard was pretty simple, he made his own skateboard press and started crafting his own from birch, maple and fiberglass.

“My father was an amazing craftsman who always had some project going on and I would watch him and work on my own stuff over the years,” says Guy. “Making the longboards is lots of fun because they’re art projects you can really use … take them out after a few days and see if they work.”

Guy still rides at least once or twice a week in the summertime, cruising around the University of Utah, which he says is a great place for the sport because of all the sidewalks and grass. He is even sometimes joined by his wife, Karen.

Turns out, Guy’s longboards have his entire family excited. “I made a board for my wife and several for nephews and friends’ kids,” he admits. “My wife is definitely into learning to ride.”

Wheel on over to Bambara (in a car or taxi is just as acceptable as on a skateboard), located at 202 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City (801-363-5454 or


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