Posted June 26, 2013

One Step Closer to Equality: Supreme Court Decision

Kimpton Buzz

The world was righted a bit today… at least in our book. With the Supreme Court ruling the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and reinstating same-sex marriage in California, we are another important step closer to marriage equality. It was a vote for inclusion, fairness and respect — things we stand behind as a company, and we look forward to the day when all of our employees and guests in every state can marry the person they love.

We were proud to lift our voices in support of marriage equality by joining a broad-based coalition of American businesses that signed on to briefs filed with the Supreme Court, urging it to strike down both Prop 8 and DOMA. Doing this only felt natural; since Kimpton’s inception more than 30 years ago, we’ve stood beside our LGBT employees and the community.  We’ll continue to stand up for equality for all and the right for everyone in the U.S. to marry whom they love.

Until the law in all states agrees with us, we look forward to assisting all couples with their marriage plans at our hotels and restaurants in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Washington and the District of Columbia; and we are honored to assist same-sex couples with their commitment ceremony at any of our hotels. Because we’re all for equality. And we’re all for love.



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  1. abby rubenfeld says:

    thank you so much for sending this!! I already loved kimpton but now I love you even more!! you are the best.
    abby rubenfeld

  2. Diane says:

    What can I say…I love my wife (married in California in 2008) and I love Kimpton!

  3. Mike Holt says:

    Time for celebration! Thanks to Kimpton Hotels for all the support provided to the community. It is one of the main reasons I look for and stay with Kimpton Hotels.

  4. Thanks Kimpton for always standing up for what is right.

  5. Anthony says:

    Thank you Kimpton, one of the many reasons why my husband and I and our kids love to stay at your hotels!

  6. Mallory says:

    Kimpton is a breath of fresh air!!! You are all so wonderful 🙂

  7. IC says:

    Thank you Kimpton for your support! As others have said, I’ve always been impressed by the Kimpton family, and this just reinforces that sentiment.

  8. Jordan says:

    Thank you Kimpton!!!! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this news than the stay my husband (and partner of 23 years), who can now get a green card, and I have planned for this weekend to celebrate his birthday at the Surfcomber.

  9. Leonard says:

    Thank you Kimpton for making this statement and stand. It is a ground breaking moment for human rights for everyone and it will prove that discrimination in any form is un-American. It will also send a message to any nation who believes that homophobia is acceptable and the persecution of LGBT is permissible.

  10. Armando Garcia says:

    My partner of over 30 years, now my husband, our guests and I stayed at Hotel Monaco DC for our wedding only a little over two weeks ago. Thank you Kimpton for being on the right side of this issue!

  11. Jim says:

    For years Kimpton has been my hotel of choice when I travel, and that relationship grows even stronger with your words and actions of support for the LGBT community. Thanks!

  12. J R says:

    great corporate stance, all thank you for your courageous support

  13. Kevin Huish says:

    Thank you Kimpton – my loyalty remains and is stronger after this posting! thank you for standing by everyone and treating us fair and equal from day one. You are our first choice and may there be a Kimpton in the city we Honeymoon…!

  14. Mark says:

    Reminds me why I love Kimpton and loyalty matters.

    Happy Day!

  15. Lawrence Powlesland says:

    Thank you Kimpton for being such strong supporters of the LGBT cause. Doing the right thing is something that you should be very proud of today.

  16. Brad says:

    Support. Integrity. Style. And … fun! Just a few of the many reasons Kimpton hotels are my favorite place to stay when traveling. Many thanks, Kimpton, for the many layers of your your care.

  17. Jon says:

    What an amazing company! I have had great experiences staying at your hotels and working with your staff at Epic in Miami to host an event. Whenever I plan a trip, I look to Kimpton.

    This morning I have received tons of e-newsletters, as I do every morning. This was the first, and so far only, email from a company celebrating today’s decision. I am so impressed and proud to support Kimpton. Thank you and well done!

  18. Michele Frost says:

    I was planning to come back. Now I will go out of my way to come back.

  19. This is an historic day! The LGBT situation in America is forever changed!
    Thanks Kimpton – one of the reasons why I’m an InTouch member 😉

  20. …does Kimpton have a presence in Pride parades?

  21. Michael Kaiser says:

    Business trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles next week, hotels changed from Hilton to Kimpton today.

  22. Kent Nordvig says:

    Thanks for your support. In August 2008, my husband and I stayed at the San Diego Solamar after our wedding. It’s just one of many Kimptons that has welcomed us for both business and pleasure travel. We’ll be back!

  23. Matt Rouse says:

    Kimpton team –

    Great note and timing leading up to Seattle pride this weekend!

    Thanks for posting and looking forward to my next stay!

  24. John Bryan says:

    It seems this message goes way beyond marketing!!! I felt the “heart” in it and it warmed me. Loyal to Kimpton!


  25. Corey says:

    Thanks to Kimpton for now just stating your support but for actually taking action on it. You’ve been a great supporter of LGBT rights initiatives in my city (Washington) on projects for which I’ve volunteered and been employed. Our community recognizes it and appreciates it.

    Much love back to you!

  26. R J Guenther says:

    Thank you for having the courage to make such a “risky” statement publicly, as so few businesses would. I am very much looking forward to my first stay at The Muse in August!

  27. Beth says:

    What fantastic news! I am now even more delighted that my partner and I have already made our booking to stay at Ink 48 when we visit New York in October! Can’t wait!

  28. Stephanie says:

    You guys are wonderful! I remember when my partner and I stayed at Ink48 for our anniversary a couple of years ago, and we were treated wonderfully by the staff. While it’s not always financially feasible for us to stay at Kimpton hotels, we do try when we can.

  29. Sherry says:

    Congrats to your hotel for being so progressive! Looking forward to staying at your hotel soon.

  30. Wendy says:

    Kimpton Hotels are the very best…Love, Love, Love you !

  31. Stacey says:

    Wow! What an amazing and heartfelt message. It demonstrates to me how companies CAN care and take a stand on important issues. Though I don’t identify as LGBT, I still consider myself a strong ally and part of this community. I hope, in the near future, all our friends in the States will have the equality and respect that we enjoy in Canada. Thank you for reminding me why I love Kimpton Hotels!

  32. Chris says:

    Thanks to you for all your good wishes and support. There is a reason we love your hotels. We will be celebrating the 4th of July with you at Amara. Such an exciting day. When we get our “real wedding” as soon as possible we will be staying at the Monaco in SF on that night. Yeah!!!

  33. Mary C. says:

    I truly admire you for posting the news!! Even though I am not gay I believe one should be able to chose who to marry. Happiness to all!!!

  34. Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson says:

    Thank you Kimpton for doing what has been right all along. Let us celebrate together a more inclusive America, even though we have more work to do. We always stay at your properties if one is available where we’re going. Peace and good fortune!

  35. Scarsz says:

    Thanks for your company’s support of our gay sons. Hopefully NM will follow the lead of enlighten states and give my sons the right to marry.

  36. Stays4Gays says: is so proud of Kimpton Hotels. We sell their properties, and always will! Love for Kimpton!!!!

  37. Doug says:

    Thank you for your support. I found you by accident, but will stay with you for life.

  38. Steven says:

    Y’all are terrific. Thank you for this.

  39. Mickey says:

    This just made my day! What a wonderful bunch these “Kimptons” are. 🙂 Congrats and hello from Canada! And heck – big hugs to ya all!! 😉

  40. 29Teddy says:

    Been a Kimpton fan for years and have appreciated the hotels’ signature inclusiveness and welcoming atmosphere. Thanks for your continuing support. The fact that this kind of policy just makes good business sense will (I believe) move the hold out states to rethink their position.

  41. Nate Rosenblum says:

    Love me some Kimpton! You all rock!

  42. Myra says:

    Thank you – we love your hotels & remain loyal customers – thanks for your long term support

  43. Cynthia Swanlund says:

    thanks love Kimpton

  44. Brunilda Hernandez says:

    Thank you!!! Kimptonites, you have always been there for us. I appreciate you caring and support. I have been staying when able in Kimptons for several years now and LOVE your staff, space, caring and support.
    Again, Thanks

  45. Chris Naylor/Sharon spratling says:

    We were married last weekend after a 16 year wait . We are in Sedona at Amara. They celebrated us with champagne and and fruit and cheese tray. We love your hotels. Thank you.