Posted March 31, 2018

Meet Billy: The Newest Member of Our Social Media Team

Kimpton Buzz

***This April Fools Day, we had a little fun. Don’t worry, our social media team is powered by real humans and always will be.***

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the newest member of our social media team: Billy.

On April 1st, we’ll kick off the pilot of an artificial intelligence-driven “bot” to help us out on Twitter. We’re calling him Billy, after our founder, Bill Kimpton. With Billy, we won’t miss a beat. We’re relying on him to help us respond faster and help us continue to grow to meet our guests’ needs in real-time when they reach out to us on Twitter.

We’ve partnered with AI industry leaders to make sure that Billy can:

  • Determine a guest’s mood based on syntax
  • Pull relevant, local information to enhance a guest’s stay with us (weather, tips, restaurant recommendations, etc)
  • Identify common complaints for quick resolution
  • Match Twitter profiles with guests in our database for a holistic view
  • Customize responses in a personal and fun way … these won’t be canned “auto” responses!

Think of Billy as your digital concierge. He’ll respond to your questions faster, be on call 24/7, and might even make you smile as he takes care of you.

Whether you want the forecast for Portland, extra pillows for your room, or you’re making a reservation on the fly, Billy’s got you covered. And if you’re staying with us for a special occasion, be sure to let Billy know, so that he can get in touch with our hotel team to help you plan the perfect celebration.

Don’t worry, we’ll still be pulling in real people for support whenever needed.

We’re thrilled to have a rock star like Billy on our social team. So be sure to check us out on Twitter and see how our new AI-powered employee can make your stays with us even more full of #kimptonlove.


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