Posted June 9, 2020

Kimpton’s California LGBT Wedding Destinations


LGBT weddings

Gregg and Shea on their big day at Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara. Photo: Anne Costa

Diversity has been a core principle of Kimpton ever since our founding more than three decades by visionary hotelier Bill Kimpton. In everything we do, inclusive respect for all has been our mantra — along with providing incredible perks, amenities and service, of course. So when it comes to same-sex weddings our position is simple (cue sound effects of clinking Champagne flutes): We say #LoveCantWait. We’re all in, and all for you and your partner. We’ve been proud to host some exceptional LGBT wedding ceremonies and celebrations like the amazing day we hosted for Gregg and Shea at our Mediterranean-style hotel in the heart of Santa Barbara, the Canary.

Working with our experienced vendors, the day unfolded for the beaming couple as flawlessly as it should on The Big Day, and we were thrilled to play an important role at such a major life event. Gregg and Shea hosted their ceremony and reception on our rooftop pool deck where, as the couple themselves said, “The ambiance of the rooftop — from the stunning sunset ceremony which transitioned into a romantic reception with candlelit lanterns and a cozy fireplace — made for the perfect setting.”

LGBT wedding

Gregg and Shea exchange their vows. Photo: Anne Costa

And we had to know — what was the one moment that still stands out for them from that day? We admit, their response made our collective hearts skip a beat: “The most memorable moment of the day was turning the corner on the pool deck and looking down at all off our family and friends cheering for us with the beautiful sunset and landscape behind them.” Hankie, please.

They also expressed gratitude that our staff went above and beyond their expectations, adding in little surprises here and there to make the event even more special. But we’re just as grateful they selected a Kimpton property to host their wedding day and create a momentous occasion for the couple, their friends and family.

That was Gregg and Shea’s story … what’s yours? In California alone we have 10 properties up and down the state, each with its own distinct personality and appeal, ideal for bringing some vow wow to your own wedding day.

Hotel Wilshire

The rooftop pool deck at Hotel Wilshire.

If you’re tying the knot in L.A., elevate your celebration at Hotel Wilshire’s rooftop pool lounge where the culinary magic of celebrity chef Eric Greenspan is combined with sunsets and Hollywood-sign views for some memorable style and sizzle. Pair the whole affair with one of the hotel’s Designer Suites for entertaining and nesting and you have a wedding day worthy of an A-lister.

Just know we welcome all couples, and whichever venue you chose it will be a match made in heaven … just like you and your new mate.

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