Posted March 14, 2022

Kimpton Loves Local – Bring Your Meeting Destination to Life


Location, location, location. There’s a reason we say it thrice! When it’s time to start planning a meeting or event, one of the first things to consider is location. The place and the space have to fit your needs — and hopefully get your attendees excited to travel. Since the destination is so important (thrice!) why not bring the destination to life during your event? If you’ve ever stayed at a Kimpton, you know we love to infuse local flair into our hotels and restaurants. Let us spice up your next event with the flavors that fuel your chosen destination’s cuisine and the sights and sounds of the city streets. Trust our experts to give your attendees a true local experience by infusing a sense of place to every aspect of your meeting or event.

Eat Like a Local

The quickest (and tastiest) way to discover a destination is through its food and drink. When you’re planning an event menu, remember there are some non-negotiable foodie favorites for every destination. Case in point: You can’t leave Miami without trying an authentic Cubano sandwich. Work with the hotel team to create regional food and beverage offerings into your daily catering. In New Orleans, you may want to plan a mid-day beignet break and chicory café au laits. In Nashville, that might mean a menu of hot chicken and house made biscuits with bourbon-inspired cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants love to feature local favorites like craft beers and tasty baked goodies. Our tip? Feature a local spirit or product on your menu. Better yet? A group visit after a long day of meetings might be just the ticket to infuse a bit of local flavor into your event.

Beyond inspiration, sourcing local ingredients is always a good idea. Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants work with local purveyors and partners to provide the freshest produce and ingredients for your attendees.

Shop Like a Local

To give your attendees an authentic, “local” experience, look to small shops and makers nearby. Our Kimpton team members are deeply connected to their local communities and can help you find creative ways to support small businesses through your event.

One idea? Feature a “Makers Market” during your breakout sessions. Local shops can set up Etsy-inspired storefronts and give your guests a fun, engaging experience shopping for locally made goods.

In-room amenities are another great place to deliver something localized and regional. Shop small and source welcome gifts from local businesses like Philadelphia’s Marsh + Mane or Lucy’s Market in Buckhead, Atlanta. Shopping small gives guests the chance to take home something truly special to remember your event. (And it’s waaaaay cooler than a souvenir keychain.)

Bring in Local Artists and Performers

Finally, look to local entertainers to bring your event’s setting to life. Local art, music, and even fashion can create interactive ways to engage your attendees.

We can help find the perfect local entertainment to fit your event’s theme. Whether it’s a local artist creating a mural in real-time, or a swingin’ jazz band keeping everyone on their feet, live performances make any event memorable.

At Kimpton, each of our venues is a destination in itself. Keep it local for your next meeting or event and we’ll help you bring the setting to life.