Posted July 16, 2014

Kimpton Karma Rewards Program Unveiled

Kimpton Buzz


Everyone from the Buddha to Boy George knows karma is a big deal. And you don’t need to have read the Mahabharata to know you have to earn your karma (which is a good thing because that epic poem has about 200,000 lines). But here are the CliffsNotes: Karma is cause and effect; a good deed done to someone shall later bring a good result to you (and fortunately, vice versa). Well, we believe in good deeds at Kimpton and we believe in delivering them when you least expect it.

So when we set about reincarnating our Kimpton InTouch loyalty program, Kimpton Karma Rewards felt just right. It’s a program that rewards you in new and innovative ways, offering you added paths to perks — and perhaps even enlightenment*.

If you’re currently a member of InTouch, you don’t have to do anything. If you have any reward nights or stay credits, they will rollover, because, man, that would be bad karma to take those away from you.

If you’re not a member, just sign up here and you’re entitled to things like free Wi-Fi at all our hotels and a “Raid the Bar” voucher, good for a $10 credit at the restaurant bar or a treat from your in-room minibar. That’s what you call instant Karma. (Which is also a John Lennon song, which makes us wonder what’s up with English rock stars and their obsession with karma.)

But that’s just the beginning with Kimpton Karma. If you do something Kimpton-related that you were probably going to do anyway, like attend the complimentary wine hour, eat at one of our restaurants, drink at one of our bars, give us a shout-out on social media,or book directly with us on, you might earn some additional Kimpton Karma love.

The best part? The more you interact with us and allow us to get to know you, the better and more personalized the perks. This might look like your favorite cocktail fixings waiting for you when you get to your room; your dog’s preferred treats ready and waiting, or even gifts themed to your favorite sports team. See how we personalize your stays in our #WhoDoesThat video. It’s all about perpetual perks.

So do a good deed, go out and enjoy yourself, and earn some good Kimpton Karma. And remember the wise words of Boy George and his hotel mantra: “You come and go, you come and go.” And even with all that coming and going, as a member of Kimpton Karma Rewards, we give back by remembering what you like and what you need.

* Enlightenment not guaranteed.

**UPDATE: Kimpton Karma became a part of the award-winning IHG Rewards Club program in 2018. Learn more here.