Posted September 1, 2019

Kimpton Directors of Pet Relations: It’s a Dog’s Life

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OK, we admit it. Here at Kimpton, we love our pets! Can you blame us? And we know that nights away from home are a lot more fun when you have your own furry friend by your side. That’s why at every Kimpton hotel, we invite you to bring your hairy, feathery or scaly family member with you for your stay — no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in.

Your furry friends are invited to be our guest!

We’ve been pet-friendly since our founding in 1981 — even our founder, Bill Kimpton, would bring his dog, Chianti, to work knowing that dogs have the innate ability to lift spirits! Today, some of Kimpton’s most popular employees have a tendency to drool and lie down on the job. It’s true! Our Directors of Pet Relations are our honorary staff of the canine persuasion. They eagerly greet guests in our lobbies, quality test our pet amenities, and lord over the nightly wine hours.

As with all our employees, we have a pretty intense screening process for our Directors of Pet Relations. Dogs that possess a loving spirit, follow directions well and know when it’s appropriate to engage with a guest and when to give them space are top candidates for the job. A love of the limelight doesn’t hurt either, as many of our directors have been featured in articles, on television and on Instagram.

The most common question about our Director of Pet Relations is, “What do you pay them?” The answer is a generous salary of the most valuable dog currency… Tasty treats and belly rubs, of course!

Meet our current Directors of Pet Relations:

At La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, Director of Pet Relations Chandler (a rescue pup – his Instagram here) personally greets furry guests in the lobby, tests pet amenities and lords over the nightly wine hours.

Marvin, the Director of Pet Relations at Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle, is a lovable pup with a little yin and a little yang. He has a regal pedigree (he’s an Olde English Bulldog), but also a Midwest sensibility, having been born on a farm in Indiana. Marvin weighs in at 60lbs, but still thinks he’s a lapdog – and will never pass up the chance for a snuggle and a hip scratch, his favorite!

Marvin – Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle. Photo Credit Adela Lee

Marvin was a paw-in for the job, and has an ideal demeanor for hospitality: he’s a go-getter, when it comes to chasing his bacon-scented ball, and he loves to make people smile. His only vices are French fries and chewing towels, though he never indulges at work (only at home).

Marvin – Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle. Photo Credit Adela Lee

Kimpton Onyx Hotel in Boston, MA is excited to celebrate two new key pawsitions at the hotel with the appointment of Bandit and Bowser, two one-and-a-half year-old long haired Chihuahuas who will fill the roles of “Director of Make Fetch Happen” and “Director of Paws & Stay” respectively.

Bandit and Bowser Kimpton Onyx Hotel Boston — Image Credit: Kyle Klein

The hotel’s Ruby Room is celebrating the arrival of their new canine colleagues by launching two new cocktails inspired by Bandit and Bowser, the appropriately named Tito’s Bandito (Tito’s Handmade Strawberry Margarita) and Bowser’s Last Call (a craft cocktail featuring Nor’Easter Bourbon). Partial proceeds from the sales of these cocktails will benefit Last Hope K9, a Boston-based rescue dedicated to saving abandoned, neglected, and/or abused dogs from high-kill shelters throughout the United States, through November of this year.

Bandit and Bowser with their respective cocktails, Tito’s Bandito and Bowser’s Last Call. Image Credit: Kyle Klein

Kimpton Onyx, which is located near the TD Garden and Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, welcomes all pets, at no extra cost to their adoring humans. The hotel rolls out the red carpet and royal treatment for their furry friends with additional pet-friendly amenities including:

  • A welcome sign greeting pets by name upon arrival and at check-in
  • A cozy bed for your dog or a scratching post for your cat to borrow during your stay. The hotel offers a selection of fleece-top, locally-inspired dog beds (all made in the USA by DENY Designs)
  • Complimentary gourmet, all natural dog biscuits and treats from Boston Barkery for all dogs.
  • Leashes, water bowls and poop bags for guests to use when traveling with their pet(s).

Addison, or Addie for short, is a young Goldendoodle that oversees Hotel Monaco Portland check-ins by her favorite spot by the fireplace. She loves working alongside her front desk family and, being born and raised in Portland, can recommend her favorite parks and walks to fellow four-legged guests. Like her suggestions? She’ll gladly accept all-natural treats and ice cubes for a job well done!

Addison – Hotel Monaco Portlan

At the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, Tank, a Bouvier Des Flandres-Pug mix, is always happy to lend a paw greeting guests. A rescue himself, Tank makes it his mission to bring animal rescue awareness to the property, including the Palomar’s unique partnership with Saved Me, a no-kill shelter located in the city.

Tank – Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

Kimpton Canary Santa Barbara’s Director of Pet Relations, Wiley, can often be spotted at nightly wine hours, testing out the soft rugs and couches around the lobby and ensuring that all of the elements inside Canary’s evergreen ‘Dog Days of Winter/Summer’ package are Wiley-approved for Canary’s canine guests.

Wiley – Kimpton Canary Santa Barbara

And last, but certainly not least, you can find Nori at the Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam. We can say with compete confidence that Nori’s face alone is worth a visit!

Nori – Kimpton De Witt