Posted June 20, 2011

Kids Camp Out at Lorien Hotel & Spa

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Summer’s here! Did somebody say “family road trip”? (We’re looking at you, Griswolds.)

If you’re traveling with the clan, venture to Old Town Alexandria’s Lorien Hotel & Spa for its new Kids Camp-Out Package. While adults kick back in their choice of three suites, little travelers can “rough it” on the room’s private terrace.

The hotel will pitch complimentary tents and roll out comfy sleeping bags on the terrace, setting the stage for hours of singing songs, telling ghost stories, chasing fireflies, and gazing at the stars.

Campers are also equipped with battery-operated lanterns and flashlights (to find things that go “bump” in the night); a telescope, compass, and constellation map (to seek out Orion); and board games and DVDs (to stave off sleep as long as possible).

A special room service menu features perfectly campy fare, such as hot dogs, sliders, PB&J sandwiches, s’mores, “bug juice,” and popcorn. Parents receive a complimentary bottle of wine.

Sure beats a trip to Walley World, doesn’t it?

Lorien Hotel & Spa is located at 1800 King Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. The Kids Camp-Out package is $500/night and can be booked using rate code “PCAMP.” For reservations, call 877-956-7436 or visit

A suite at Lorien Hotel & Spa

Photos: Top by Michael Harlan Turkell; bottom by Fred Licht


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